Renowned Liberian Entrepreneur Jarzoe Vivian Bhath to Export Liberian’s Palm Oil


Monrovia – Jarzoe Vivian Bhath, a renowned Liberian entrepreneur is calling on the public to support Liberian own businesses, especially, people who are into agriculture business. This, she says, will enhance the livelihood of farmers across the country.

As an entrepreneur with almost two decades of experience Madam Bhath has decided to buy the palm oil from the farmers, bring it to town, upgrade it and place it in bottles that have been approved by the Ministry of Commerce.

“The oil business is just to add value to the farmers’ produce, especially the palm oil. As I traveled around the world I saw oil from Ghana in the US, even in the African stores when I went to the UK I saw oil from other African Countries but I have not seen palm oil from Liberia in the bottle that shows Liberian Flag, so I taught to upgrade the oil for something to come from Liberia because we need to get into exportation,”

“We do not have US dollars pulling into the country, we do lots of important things and you know importation carry lots of dollars but if we can export Liberian products we will be able to bring some foreign currencies to the market and that will be able to help our farmers.”

Despite starting with palm oil, Madam Bhath says as time goes by she will be putting on the local and foreign market different types of oil including African food.

“This is my dream; this is my plan to showcase Liberia to the outside world. As a Liberian, I want to be able to sell Liberia to the outside world in a very positive manner,” she said.

“I have been doing business for almost 20 years in Liberia. I have this creative and innovative mind especially being a patriotic Liberian who wants to see Liberia on the world map when it comes to business. And who wants to encourage other Liberians to join the business community and to encourage people in high positions to be able to support Liberian own businesses,” Madam asserted.

She added: “This is my dream and I hope that what I do can be able to speak for other Liberians especially the farmers –that their voices can be heard, that their produce can come to the city and be sold for a good price to help improve their lives.”

The palm oil has not been placed on the market. According to Madam Bhath, her company is waiting on the approval from the Ministry of Commerce before she can put the oil up for sale both on the local and foreign markets.