‘Elevate Liberian Concept Of Business’ – CEO of ABK Inc. Urges Entrepreneurs, Government


Monrovia – The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ABK Incorporated. Mr. Alieu B. Kromah is calling on all Liberian entrepreneurs to hold together and create a brand and a unique style in the conduct of business. He catalogued a number of things that Liberian entrepreneurs can do to transform the business climate into a booming economy.

Some of the key issues he named were honesty, dedication, trust and preference. Mr. Kromah said that, “if Liberian entrepreneurs can be honest during service delivery, maintain dedication and trust while conducting business; the preference given to outsiders will be shared amongst all of us”, and at the end of the day it’s a win¬-win for all, be it locals or internationals!!!

It is clear that many of our Banks shy away from dealing with our local companies, this is true!!! He exclaimed, and most times the reason is that the pattern most of our companies often use can leave broken relationships and trust. We have to stand together under one banner as Liberian owned businesses to bridge this gap and repair this bad relationship now. I am hoping that my fellow Liberian entrepreneurs will come together, join hands with me and amplify this message.

Given his experience and ideas from neighboring countries in Africa, and sampling other countries in Europe and parts of Asia, he emphasized on the way they conduct business. He also added that, “it will be wise for the government and people of Liberia to open up the country by amending a certain segment of the constitution to allow foreigners become citizens”.

This noble act could answer all the questions that has been unanswered for centuries, he remarked. By opening up the country, investors will hurry to invest their fortunes in Liberia without thinking about a sense of belonging or security. “That will give a ripple effect to our economy”, regardless of the competition involved; the sky’s the limit. I want to see Liberia developed, and Liberian businesses grow.

He made the remarks to FrontpageAfrica (FPA) in an interview on the weekend. “I have also been very concerned about the post-Covid-19 period, because it is clear that lots of businesses suffered a serious loss of revenue due to the health emergency and restrictions”. Even though these emergency protocols were necessary to save lives, many businesses are going to shut down because they are incapable of offsetting the cost of these losses.

In this endeavor, I call on the Government to protect and support our existing local and international investors. “I also want the Government to take ownership of our domestic market by empowering local entrepreneurs, so as to give us the ability to compete with our international counterparts,” he added.