An Open Letter to President and Legislature of Liberia

To Her Excellency Madam Johnson-Sirleaf President Republic of Liberia & The Honorable Members of the Legislature Republic of Liberia

An Appeal For Intervention To Save The Lives Of Liberian Scholars Studying In India


This communication facilitates an appeal to the President of our dear country, Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Members of the Honorable Legislature. Liberian students here in India are faced with extreme financial constraints due to the prolong delay of allowances for the past ten months.

It is quite unfortunate that students travelled to strange countries, stayed six or more months before receiving allowances from the government under whose auspices they have travelled. Based on the expectation of receiving allowances after every six months, students entered contracts to cover their living expenses for the period under consideration.

Since the last allowances were received, it has been ten months and students are being pressured to make wise contract payments. The worst situation is with students living off campus; they are being threatened to be thrown out of their bungalows by the end of this month if they fail to pay their rentals.

There are thirteen (13) Liberian students studying here in India at the master levels on Government of Liberia scholarship and things are going from bad to worst with them on a daily.  Communications emanating from the Ministry of Education (MOE) unearthed that The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning is holding our allowances for unspecified reasons for the time under review.

We have tried in every way possible in making sure that custodians in charge of such matters see reasons in releasing our funds but to no avail. Several emails have been sent to the Minister of  Education and at least one to the Comptroller,

Mr.Sekou Sannoh, at the MOFDP on this matter but apparently our voices are not as powerful as others to be heard. We have been pushed beyond bounds to send this humble appeal to you Her Excellency and the Honorable Men and Women in the Legislature to champion our cause.  Liberian students here have been humiliated and practically starving. If nothing is urgently done, something more disastrous might result very soon.  We are therefore appealing to you to act and save the lives of your citizens.

Attached to this communication is an excel file containing detailed information of twelve of the students here in India. One of our colleagues preferred not to be named for personal reasons.  

Enoch Fallah Harlie,
(+919853701324) Student Representative

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