Kolubahzizi Howard, Brother of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Is Dead

MONROVIA – Mr. Kolubahzizi Howard, brother of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and a former employee of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority, is dead.

He died on Thursday, however, information on circumstances surrounding his death remain scanty. He served for four years as Director of Strategy for the Liberia Telecommunications Authority, the regulatory authority for the Liberian telecommunications sector.

For three consecutive years, he served as the Chairman of the Mass Communications Department of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU).

Mr. Howard had nine years of professional experience at the executive management level of a national telecommunications company.

He was knowledgeable of the telecommunications sector reform process in developing countries due to his participation in many major conferences of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the West African Telecommunications Regulatory Assembly (WATRA), and the African Telecommunication Union (ATU), as well as his own participation and contribution to telecommunications sector reform in Liberia.

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