Liberia: PLP Suspends Secretary General For falsifying Shooting Incident

MONROVIA – Executive members of the Organizing Committee of the newly certificated People’s Liberation Party (PLP) have with immediate effect suspended the acting Secretary General of the party, Mr. David Woods Beyan, for lying that he was shot by unknown armed robbers, after police preliminary investigation proved otherwise.

The PLP was certificated by the National Elections Commission on December 21, 2020. Its Vision Bearer is Dr. Daniel E. Cassell-the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) president of the Dr. Cassell’s Foundation and Kwenyah Security Firm in Liberia.

It can be recalled that Mr. Beyan, who is also a founding member of the PLP, claimed that around 3AM on Friday, September 24, 2021, he was shot by unknown armed men for unspecified reasons while on his way home from Kakata, Margibi County where he had reportedly gone on a party function and to attend a family meeting

He told FrontPage Africa via telephone that he noticed two motorbikes carrying four persons tailing him from Mount Barclay and while in the middle of the Parker Paint Road, one of the riders reportedly crossed in front his vehicle with speed.

Mr. Beyan claimed that he later got down from his vehicle, in an attempt to compel the bike rider to remove his bike. He was later overpowered by the men and shot on his left thigh.

“They had mask on their faces and I couldn’t recognize any of them. After one of them shot me, they got on the motorbikes and escaped. Right now, I am still feeling pain in my thigh” he told FrontPage Africa via telephone from his hospital bed.

But appearing on State radio on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue disclosed that Mr. Beyan provided false information to the public.

According to him, Mr. Beyan told nurses assigned at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center where he had gone for treatment that he mistakenly shot himself in the leg, and the firearm used has been retrieved.

Following the disclosure made by the Police IG, the PLP, through its Vision Bearer Dr. Daniel E. Cassell considering the severity of the alleged findings of the LNP preliminary investigation, the party resolved to suspend Mr. Beyan for time indefinite.

The statement maintained that the decision taken is in consonance with the Liberian constitution.

The party added that the decision taken by Mr. Beyan to provide false information to law enforcement officers also runs contrary to the party’s norms and core values.

“As a government in waiting and a party that conforms with the laws and constitutions of the Republic of Liberia, the Executive Members of the Organizing Committee (OC) of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) strongly condemns this alleged violation of the law and do hereby suspends Mr. David Beyan from the position of Acting National Secretary General of the PLP for time indefinite, as these alleged behaviors are in direct violation of the PLP’s norms, core values and code of conduct. Further actions shall be determined by the Executive Members of the OC upon the conclusion of the LNP’s investigation”.

The statement further clarified that the shooting incident involving Mr. Beyan, which is a very alarming news that has been circulated on several media outlets, occurred within the suspended acting Secretary General’s private time as a private citizen.

The party maintains that this act in no way, shape or form has anything to do with the PLP whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the PLP further welcomes the move made by the LNP to charge Mr. Beyan for being in illegal possession of a firearm and providing false information to law enforcement officers.    

PLP pointed out that the report provided by IG Sudue that Mr. Beyan has now recanted his initial claim of being shot by armed robbers and the firearm used in the incident was found within the proximity of 20th St. Sinkor and is currently in possession of the LNP, warrants a probe.

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