Taa Wongbe of Alternative National Congress Distances Himself From Viral Sex Tape


Monrovia – Personality attack and character assassination are sure to mar this year’s presidential elections with some going extreme of ruining their opponents’ entire future – politically and socially.

Lennart Dodoo, [email protected]

Of recent is a sex tape alleging to be that of Taa Wongbe – an aide of the unblemished presidential aspirant, Alexander Cummings.

Wongbe has vehemently denied being the one in the tape, citing a slight resemblance with the man in the footage.

From Wongbe’s perspective, he has been entangled in such a debacle due to his political affiliation with Cummings who he described as his “friend and mentor for many years”.

“Many have become intimidated by the growing momentum his campaign has gained in recent months, so it comes as no surprise that the opposition is trying to demoralize and publicly shame his constituents and senior supporters/advisors,” Wongbe said.

The enterprising young man said he finds the sex tape alluded to him extremely offensive and has the propensity to affect his family.

“This is a shameful attack on my credibility, and as Election Day draws near, I expect more to come.”

“I have been told by opponents of Mr. Cummings that I am an effective businessman and a skilled organizer; so encountering individuals who find me as a threat is nothing new.”

“I am a strong husband, father, son and provider, and malicious attacks such as these could hurt the ones I love. I understand that Liberian politics can be messy, but there are certain lines that should never be crossed.”

“While this personal attack is completely ridiculous, I found it important to address this situation with you as a trusted friend, colleague and business partner.”

“I have worked exceedingly hard to uphold my reputation and the brand that TKG has developed over the past 8 years, and that will never change.

The Khana Group is currently Liberia largest research and management consulting firm with offices in Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria and the United States; we will continue to deliver on our vision – developing sustainable solutions to positively transform communities.

“Although disappointing, I personally remain committed to impacting the lives of Liberians through my work, and I will not allow this to interfere with TKG performance and the quality of the services we provide,” Wongbe said.

In the video, the man who bears a striking resemblance to Taa is seen under the legs of a female, rimming in a snake like pattern.

Mixed Reaction on Social Media

Since the video hit the internet, social media has gone into an overdrive over the mystery individual with some divided whether or not it is actually Taa Wongbe.

In a Facebook post, Israel Akinsaya, former Liberty Party chairman said it is not Taa in the video.

“Since a video went public a few days ago, many including friends of Taa Wongbe started to receive calls that indeed it was him on the video,” he wrote.

“While many of us who knows Taa to be a very careful man in business, said it was unlike him, the resemblance, left a lot of people casting stones. “

“Some went as far as passing judgement on his character, and attempted to ruin a young man career. The person in the video is not Taa.”

But Wonnie Arkoiwala Johnson says she believes it might have been a set up.

“Even if it’s him? Just watching the video you know the whole thing was staged.”

Prince Koffa Sr. said while it is nonsensical to discuss the matter, “it is wrong to mislead others that the person in the video isn’t Taa Wongbe.”