Former Central Bank of Liberia Governor Petitioned to Run for President


Monrovia – The United Liberians Concerned About Liberia’s Future (ULCAF) have asked Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, former Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to run for President in the 2017 Presidential and legislative elections.

Reading a four-page statement on May 21 in Marshall, Margibi County, ULCAF spokesperson Susan Darquah recounted the exemplary leadership role of Jones at the CBL, especially the micro loan scheme.

The petitioners, who began gathering at Dr. Jones’ Marshall residence as early as 9:00AM, said they are convinced that he represents the symbol of the core value of individual freedom and social justice that Liberians want.

“Your exemplary leadership at the Central Bank of Liberia where you initiated and championed a financial inclusion policy, for example the micro-loan program under your astute leadership which has lifted thousands of ordinary Liberians including but not limited to market women and poor people, speaks for your good intent to see all Liberians lifted from economic slavery that has troubled the Liberian people for too long.

“Your visionary leadership, Dr. Jones, is as well reflected looking at the availability of banking services in all parts of the country with at least one financial institution in each of the 15 counties and your courage to complete the erection of the new Central Bank of Liberia headquarters, which is the most modernized building in the republic of Liberia,” said Susan.

The petitioners also said they hold no doubt that Jones can lead a real transformative agenda to improve Liberia and Liberians to take a realistic foothold in owning and controlling their economy given his landmark achievements as head of the banking sector.

Responding, Jones thanked the petitioners but admitted that he had never dreamed of such a day from his upbringing in Sinoe, Maryland and Bong Counties to the United States of America where he did graduate and post graduate studies.

Jones said he’s not worrying about those who believe they have the powers to determine the fate of an individual because his fate is in God’s Hands.

“And I want to say that they can plot as much as they wish. They can hold meetings as much as they want. They can know sleepless nights as much as they wish. They can go to the international community there and try to spoil my name but failing to know that every dog has a friend and that when they talked I can hear it too.

“They can try as much as they want to try to subvert the constitution of this country. They will fail! If it is not God’s will, they will fail! We have no fear. We shall stand firm and we shall stand tall. I believe that God himself has a limit to his acceptance of vindictiveness. And as a mortal, I, certainly have a limit,” Jones took an apparent jibe at his political detractors.  

Although he promised to formally respond to the petitioners this week, Jones gave an apparent indication that he will be a candidate.

“Let it be known that we’ll compete on the basis of ideas. We will compete on the basis of commitment. But anyone trying to beat my head in the ground I will fight back and I will fight strong. We must be cleared!

“The prize of stability will not be slavery nor will democracy be bought by giving-up our rights prescribed in the constitution of this land. Never!! Let nobody [try to] make that mistake. The prize of stability will not be bought by slavery nor by turning anybody into a second class citizen.

“That will never happen! And let those who dreamed that this will happen think again about the responsibility that they have and the consequences for trying to do that. Enough is simply enough!” Jones warned.

In a less than 15-minute remark, Jones said he was thrilled by the presence of Liberians who went to his home and their melodies, which proclaimed that a new Liberia is about to be born.

“We are where we are as a nation because of failed leadership, failed leadership on the part of the political class. The conditional politicians, the business as usual politicians, they are the ones who have gotten us where we are today as a nation. Enough is simply enough! We will retire that old political order.

“We will send them packing. We will retire that old economic order. We will change it! The situation where Liberians are on the margins of the Liberian economy will be changed! We will fight a meaningful war on poverty. As we have always said, ‘poverty is not our destiny.

“The mountains of misrule, the mountains of incompetence shall be made  low. The crooked places of corruption, nepotism and deception shall be made straight. And indeed, those in the valleys of poverty shall be lifted up.

As I’ve said, you will be hearing from me soon—next week when I will give my official response. Indeed we’ll work together to change Liberia,” Jones concluded by thanking God for being alive.

Danesius Marteh, [email protected]