ANC, LP, ALP Partisans Pledge Support to VP Boakai


Monrovia – Ahead of the presidential runoff election, which will be determined today by the Supreme Court whether it will go ahead or not, the ruling Unity Party (UP) continues to receive more endorsements from partisans of other political parties.

Though senior hierarchies of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the All Liberian Party (ALP) and the Liberty Party (LP) are yet to openly pledge their support for Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, who is the Standard Bearer of UP, their supporters have come forth to say that they are going to work along with the ruling party in order to win the runoff from the Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC). 

At a fully attended program Friday, at least 65 auxiliaries, which helped the ANC to substantially get good number of votes in Montserrado County, along with their parties coordinators in the county were all present to give their support to the Vice President, who is expected to go to the runoff with Senator George Manneh Weah of CDC. 

Speaking at the ceremony, the head of all coordinators of ANC, Mr. A. Jefferson Hoff, said that though their party is presently involved in the lawsuit which the LP took to the Supreme Court against the National Elections Commission (NEC), but if the Court does give the go ahead to NEC to carry on with preparations with the runoff election, they as coordinators have told all ANC partisans that “Excellency Joseph Nyuma Boakai is the best way forward.” 

“We believe in Joseph Nyuma Boakai as the alternative to our political leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings.

The alternative is not George Weah but he is Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai,” stated Hoff, whose statement was greeted with loud political battle cries and slogans. 

Hoff, who is specifically Montserrado County District #3 coordinator, was joined in the ceremony by all the county’s coordinators and party’s executives from other counties.  

“As you can see, Your Excellencies, we stand ready to be punished by our bosses but we are ready to stand by you, to canvass day and night to win Montserrado. We are sincerely for you,” the ANC head of coordinators said as they had not been given the full green light to pledge support to any of the two political parties in the runoff. 

Another speaker, Mr. James Dunzo, Vice Chair for Governmental Affairs at the level of Montserrado County, stated that not all the senior members of the county were present, but all of them, including those not present, had concluded to support the Vice President and his running mate, Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay.  

“Among the two in the runoff, we strongly believe that Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai has all it takes to lead Liberia at this time.” 

Also speaking, two volunteers from the 65 auxiliaries, who spoke separately vowed to go all out to canvass for votes for the Vice President.

For his part, Mr. Samuel O. Phillips, who is one of Mr. Cummings senior advisors, said that they have come to fully support his bid.

He is the founder of Crusaders for Cummings President (CCP), which helped the ANC rocked more votes. According to him, the full strength of his group is 15,000. 

The representative of the Nyonblee for Brumskine, an auxiliary of the Liberty Party, said they were pledging their support to UP because they are not ready to play gamble with their dear country. 

He stated that the future of Liberia awaits “prepared youths” and not just any youth. 

These groups were brought in through the auspices of Movement for the Presidency of Ambassador Joseph Boakai, an auxiliary group of the Unity Party.

They were represented by its head, Mr. Nohn Voker. 

For his part, Mr. Augustine Ngafuan, National Campaign Chairman of UP, said it was a great day and to some extent, it was a reunion.

“The alternative to the ANC is the Unity Party.” 

He told them that it’s not when they enter but what they are going to do in the house. 

“On behalf of the entire campaign team, we stretch our arms to you. We have already felt the vibes from your women brigade.

This is beyond Ambassador Boakai. It’s about the future of this country.” 

He told them that his standard bearer is the best suited for the post as he (VP Boakai) understands the struggles of Liberians.

“Walking from Wonsongar, Foya, being a rubber tapper in order to go to school, being a waiter at Rivoli Cinema and being a janitor, he understands our struggles.

At this point, there is no better person, who can transition this country from where it is other than he.” 

Mr. Ngafuan, who served formally as the nation Foreign Minister and Finance Minister among portfolios he held, said he was sure that working along with the group, victory is certain for Liberia and they are going to win “bigly.” 

Responding, Vice President Boakai thanked his guests for all their pledges of support and endorsements. 

The VP told the gathering how his personal friendship with Cummings, Brumskine and Urey goes many years back. 

VP Boakai disclosed: “Since the elections of October 10, we have met in this house with Alex Cummings, one on one, with [Benoni] Urey and with [Charles Walker] Brumskine. All of us have decided to put Liberia first.” 

He told the audience that it was not well for some to sit idly and say that they are not going to get involved in the politics.

“When a medical doctor makes a mistake one person dies, but when a politician makes a mistake a whole nation dies.” 

He further stated that we live in a nation that is 170 years old and rhetorically asked: “Are we where we should be? Are we satisfied with where we are?”

He admonished the group to “love, think and build Liberia.” 

“Countries are not like bananas that you can just pass onto people because they cry that it is their time.

This has to do with the lives of peoples, including their families. This is not a play play thing,” he joked. 

The Vice President urged everyone to get out and woo more supports for the runoff election if and when the Supreme Court decides that it should go ahead. 

The Court is scheduled to decide today by 10 a.m. in the case Liberty Party vs the National Elections Commission.