“Allegations of Electoral Fraud Politically Motivated” – NEC Chairman


Monrovia – Cllr. Jerome Korkoya chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) has termed as politically motivated allegations of electoral fraud made by some political parties, noting that NEC is a professional organization that is neutral.

Report by Henry Karmo – [email protected] 

Speaking at a news conference Wednesday, the NEC chairman said the Commission is not situated in terms of mandate and resources to respond to allegations made by politicians intended to influence the public.

He also denied claims that the NEC is delaying the on-going electoral process.

“We have had some situations that resemble delay, but these delays are not from the Elections Commission; they are consistent with due process rights being asserted by parties that appear before the hearing officer,” Chairman Korkoya said.

Cllr. Korkoya during a press conference Wednesday committed the NEC to resolution of electoral matters, this, he said, remains a high priority for Commission.

He further said delay that comes out of the hearings is sometimes due to technicality implored by political parties.

He cautioned political parties to be civil with the way they go about filing cases to the NEC.

“We like to call on political parties that while it is their rights to contest the elections results, they should be civil in doing that.

“There’s no need to fabricate issues and provide misleading information on social media.”

“These are not personal things between the NEC and political parties, these are about fundamental rights and the rule of law, we have to reframe from derogatory remarks,” Cllr. Korkoya said.

The NEC has also claimed of not being formally aware of calls made by the Liberty Party calling for recusal of NEC commissioners involving their complaints and has promised to adequately deal with it if the need arises.