Too Much of Your Childish Outbursts, Martin Kollie: You Are to Blame For Your Misfortune!


I have followed keenly the frantic but failed attempt of one Martin K. N. Kollie to denigrate the noble character of LINSU president, comrade Varney A. Jarsey, using childish outbursts and reactionary logic which make up all the stockpiles of his intellectual and propaganda arsenal. I have monitored with pity how this relevance seeker has got the reciprocal of his intent and has reduced himself to a common buffoon, entertaining the public with wordy absurdities.

One may wonder why I will take up time from my busy schedule to respond to a swindler already in ruin by his own follies. But what would one do to a person who plays the proverbial fly that follows the coffin to its grave?  Obviously, a character like Martin K.N. Kollie who is deeply afflicted by his treacheries, woes and psychological lost and seeking solace in drunkenness, chasing prostitutes in the streets of Monrovia at night, and vomiting invectives and lies against people of high reputation, and there is no cure for his infirmities, is only worthy of assisted intellectual suicide to purify the intellectual air of his infection of the hermohargic type which is taking captive of many persons in the public not clothed in the protective gears of objectivity and reasoning.

Nitty-gritty of His Confusion

After the end of his brief luxury life as a UNDP volunteer, Martin Kollie became broke and miserable. His father, a Pastor who is in the business of exploiting the poor people of their last for prophetic rewards, cannot maintain his son’s lavishing lifestyle. Thus began his addiction of uncontrollable drinking and womanizing. He later decided to tap on his little experience in writing and took a career as mercenary of the pen, lashing at people in vitriolic style in the anticipation that he will be quieted with some cash or job in order to support his addiction. His, unfortunately, rewards has been unsustainable.

During the Ebola outbreak and the 2014 senatorial election process, he entered a deal with elements of the Congress for democratic Change to promote George Weah on social media and radio, hence his fifty reasons why Weah should be senator of Montserrado County. The election came to an end with the CDC standard bearer becoming victorious. For Martin, this meant he had to find other opportunities of survival.

Drunk and totally lacking of funds, Martin Kollie, having frantically made appeals to many brothers to help him enter LINSU’s Propaganda Bureau, fortunately ran into president Varney Alieu Jarsey on Carey Street, few weeks after the February 2015 LINSU congress which brought a new leadership to power. Like a child, he kept walking behind the students’ leader, begging desperately for favour to work in LINSU. Tired of the scene created by this drama as many people were looking from all over, the brilliant president, known for wisdom in judging human character, turned to Martin, patted him on the back and said the following:

“Martin, I understand how you are eager to help the Students’ Movement, so d0 many others. I have followed you writings on Facebook and monitored you several times on the radio. You are a promising kid. Unfortunately, your style of writing is not the type I need in my Propaganda Bureau. I will watch and see how you grow and we will talk about this later.”

Frustrated at what he was told, Martin developed his hatred toward Varney Jarsey. “I would get even with the students’ leader”, he gossipingly told some brothers he didn’t suspect were allies of the president. From that moment up to now Martin began shelling batteries against the Varney Alieu Jarsey led leadership thanks to the superior propaganda fire power of Moses Yahmia, Alfred Kaidii and Ivor Moore of the Propaganda Bureau of LINSU who adequately resisted them and kept him at bay.

The US$ Hundred Thousand Controversy

Desperate hustlers are like chickens. They will never stop their attempt to get their ends met even if it will cost them their destruction. Thus, Martin Kollie, having heard of LINSU receiving US hundred thousand dollars for the National Quizzing County Meet the Challenge, felt this time his fights against Varney Jarsey and the entire Liberia National Students Union will work because any attempt to indict the institution of corruption and question the credibility and incompetence of its leader will not fare well and the bait will catch the fish as he will be called for negotiation and given his share of the allege quizzing money.

In fulfilment of his plans, Martin has roused from his slumber and started his usual rants against Varney Jarsey and LINSU. In alignment with suspended and disgruntled Mohammed Donzo and his followers of the Montserrado County Students Union who hover about like Lucifer and his host of demons in search of whom to devoir, he has accused the leadership of squandering the money and using it in extravaganza, leaving the tournament unfinished. With the aid of Henry Costa and some CDC elements like Representative Munah Youngblood who is the secret sponsor of the renegade MONSU, these squealers are given free air time to empty their guts against LINSU in public.

In their collective desperateness, this alliance of crooks headed by Martin Kollie failed to understand that the National Quizzing County Meet is yet to begin, that what was completed was the preliminary phase for each county to draw its team. What a shame? How could they when their real aim is to ridicule for cash return? They will soon eat their words when the actual tournament gets started very soon and continue to its logical end in grand style.

Blaming Varney for UL Losing the Debate to UMU and Challenged to a Debate

The grand finale of the debate tournament recently hosted by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP) saw the University of Liberia and the United Methodist University locking horns to find the first and second winner. Martin played for the UL team. Serving as one of the three Judges was Varney Jarsey whose preferment was due to the fact that the tournament was a students’ centred and that Varney being the national students’ leader with vast experience in academic activities of such.

The grand finale ended and Varney, playing the role of lead judge, announced the United Methodist University as winner. Hell broke loose and arrogance took the stage! Martin Kollie who prides himself as the greatest young intellectual and writer takes Varney as alibi for the defeat of his team. To him, the defeat was insult added to injury and it only intensifies the agitations against the revolutionary students’ general Varney Alieu Jarsey.

In his poor analyses of placing the blame on Varney, Martin failed to take into consideration that it is impossible for one out of three judges to cause a team to lose a debate match. It takes at least two judges to cause a team to lose. He also does not understand that evaluation in debate is subjective and not objective; thus, one must convince the judges, or at least two, beyond all doubts to win. The arrogant Martin Kollie thinks that citing all the sources in the world is sufficient to make a team wins not knowing that in a debate, there is not time for judges to check these sources and thus rely on manner more than matter.

Martin Kollie will not believe that Varney’s tally sheet vindicates him of all accusations. No attempt to tell him that his team was ill prepared and that being a talker does not make one an academic debater will satisfy his hurt and yearning to lash at Varney.

In his defeatism, mental obscurantism and hate, he challenges Varney Jarsey to debate him on any of the several topics he listed in his childish article, title: “Open Challenge to a Fake and Weak LINSU President.” He believes he can save his name and establish himself as a great debater by facing Varney Alieu Jarsey in a debate challenge. What a show of sheer arrogance?


Martin Kollie failed to prevent himself from contracting the spell of misery and arrogance. He is caught in a web he cannot escape. All he does is to fight senselessly. Little does he know that he has signed his own intellectual death by attacking men whose backlashes are capable of leaving even his soul in despair and loss. For a man who sins abound into the heavens, even God will sanction his punishment. Who are we to not execute such an order and save others from his infectious ire?

Ivor S. Moore, Contributing Writer