Suspected Criminal Mobbed to Death


Gardnerville – A mutilated body of a young man was discovered at the Chicken Soup Factory Junction in the early morning hours by passersby and some community members on Saturday, April 21, 2018.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh, [email protected]

The victim body was found naked with burnt cloth tied around his waist and sores all over his body.

Some onlookers and community members who were conversing among themselves over the victim’s body, identified him as Saah Kpakar who they said lived around the Baysah Fence in the Chicken Soup Factory Community, while others said he was a notorious criminal who lived in one of the dangerous ghettos in the community.

However, nobody could give the actual location of his (Victim) residence, neither could they provide information on his death to journalists who were on the scene for inquiry on his death.

As the conversations continued, some said the deceased was a notorious criminal who was in the constant habit of harassing peaceful citizens in the community, especially during the night hours.

They said his constant harassments and hijacking of people’s properties (phone, watch among others thing) led to his death on Saturday morning after he stabbed a neighbor on his neck and attempted to snatch away his phone.

According to them, the deceased was beaten to death by angry crowd who were on the scene after his failed robbery.

A onetime victim of the deceased’s action said, few months ago, the victim harassed him at about 11:00 PM at the Chicken Soup Factory junction and took away his laptop and other valuable items.

A man claiming to be an eyewitness of one of the deceased’s robberies, but preferred anonymity, said about two weeks ago, the deceased also burglarized a shop belonging to a Fula man and took away some cash, food stuffs and other valuable items.

When contacted, an officer at the Zone 4 Police Depot said they were informed of the body and had begun investigation.

“We are aware of his body but we are also waiting for the three days ‘grace period’, if no one can identify the body then we will call the MCC to remove the body. The forensic team is already in the know because we have contacted them,” the police officer told FrontPageAfrica.

Also, a CID officer assigned at the Depot confirmed that the victim was a notorious criminal who was reported to the depot daily.

“He is a notorious criminal; we have been investigating his cases on a daily basis and also advising him to desist from the criminal acts. Most of the cases we received here about him were burglary, theft of property. He always broke into people’s places and got away with valuable items,” he said.

The Public Relations Officer of the Liberia Nation Police, Moses Carter said, the LNP is working with communities’ leadership in rejuvenating the community watch teams to also boost the efforts of the LNP in curtailing the situation.

“Is not possible that we can be everywhere at the same time, but what is happening is, we are working with community leaderships in rejuvenating the communities watch team to also boost the effort of the LNP because if the communities is proactive in buttressing the effort of the police. We are definitely going to mitigate some of these issues of crime.”

Carter continued: “So we are working out modalities to beef up our community watch teams, empowering them with the necessary tools to do their work. The evil of society is not just limited to Liberia but our job is to keep surveillance to make sure that we put into place necessary mechanisms that will deter such killings. We are doing everything possible to make sure that perpetrators of such act are brought to justice.”

Moses carter added that he cannot speak to the death of victim Saah Kpakar, asserting that he does not have much details relating to his death.

“I can speak to the body you are talking about because I don’t have all the details, so I can’t speak to that,” he said.