Rep. Matenokay Tingban of Nimba County Rallies Call For Majority Rule


Monrovia – Representative Matenokay Tingban of Nimba County, District 9 is petitioning Liberians to use the October 2017 presidential and Legislative elections to ensure Liberia is governed by the majority.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh – [email protected]

Rep. Tingban, addressing a cross section of Nimba University students in Paynesville recently, said the only way Liberians can make use of this golden opportunity is by electing Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai as president of Liberia.

“You are in majority, and you are under obligation, under the patriotic duty and responsibility to produce the presidency of this country. And we see Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai as the primary face of that process,” Tingban remarked.

“Yes I know that you always said the love of liberty brought us here; but what about we the love of liberty met here?  What happen to us?” Rep. Tingban asked rhetorically.

“The doctrine of democracy tells us that majority leads. How then can you have minority in power?

And that’s why some of us are advocating. It’s better for the majority to lead and take care of the minority, then for minority to lead and take care of the majority.”

“That’s why we are campaigning vigorously and making sure that the message is resonating well. And our awareness is being created; and our people understand the issue that indeed there must be a grass root representation in the politics of this country,” he avowed.

He noted that in order to have a new paradigm shift in the political leadership of Liberia that would lead to infrastructure, economic, social and security stabilities, then Liberians should elect an experienced and well spirited and dent-free character as President.

He added that these attributes are found in the Vice President.

The Nimba County District #9 Lawmaker said in order to boost the presidential bid of Vice President Boakai, the group, Friends of Tingban which has been in the vanguard of promoting respect for constituted authorities and fellow countrymen, was now transforming into the Movement and Ambassadors of Joseph N. Boakai to canvass for the election of the Unity Party Standard Bearer.

“We are strategic partners to the JNB bid for the presidency. We are primary pioneers of the revolution. And we remain unbending with respect to giving our unflinching support to Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai.”

“We strongly feel that if the flavor of grass root representation must be adhered; the flavor of indigeneity must be indebted into the process as well,” Tingban averred.

Tingban, who hailed from vote rich Nimba disclosed that plans are underway for the Boakai Youth Summit in Nimba, where Lofa and Nimba Counties would establish a traditional political relationship and what he described as the biggest political certificate would be presented.

He asserted that his county has always been used as a ‘political come along’, something he said needed to change this time around.

“In Nimba County, we have an attractive political population and we have always been used as a political come along.”

“There is no way that we will continuously continue to allow Nimba County be used as a political come along. There is a need for us to make use of the attractive political population that we have -a maximum use as well,” he intoned.

“That’s why we continue to ask all well-meaning citizens of Nimba to make sure that we will all join that ball with Ambassador JNB, an indigenous and refined political character of this country to ensure a new paradigm shift of our country,” The Nimba County Lawmaker said.

Representative Tingban, who has been touted as a possible Vice Presidential Candidate on the Unity Party’s ticket, made the assertions as Liberians wait on the Vice President to pick his running mate.

When quizzed on whether he would accept the offer of being a Vice Presidential Candidate, Tingban has this to say;

“My support to Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai is not contingent about Vice President.”

“But the fact remains that I am a national figure. I am a patriotic character of this country; a bona fade citizen, I am a politician, and the sky is the limit for any politician. If an opportunity is given to serve, can we reject?”

“But my own take with respect to Joe Boakai’s political journey is not about Vice Presidency. It’s about my own conviction that I believe in the leadership of Joe Boakai; that he has the sufficient calorie, sufficient energy; he has the political arsenal to excel into the Presidency of this country. And we are prepared to walk along with him to make Liberia better; to make Liberia what it ought to be,” Tingban avowed.