Parties to Mount Barclay Land Denounce Bright Claims of Legal Victory


Monrovia – The long standing dispute in the Mount Barclay land saga involving Siafa Bright and other parties continue to drag on as the contending parties have expressed those recent claims by lawyer representing Bright that his client has won the legal right to the land as untrue and an attempt to discourage people from continuing their construction and other development.

It was reported in several media outlets quoting the lawyer of Bright that he (Bright) has won a case against what he termed as unscrupulous individuals who are engaged on the Bright Farm but in a statement issued, the Josiah Menyongar, the Sandeh Gaya, the Warner, Glazon and Mabagar denounced the claims by Bright’s lawyer, describing the information of winning a court case as totally misleading.

The group has disclosed that there has been no ruling from a court of competent jurisdiction and as such the claim by Bright’s lawyer is far from reality.

Stated the parties: “However, having heard this announcement, the inhabitants of the following settlements, the Josiah Menyongar, the Sandeh Gaya, Gewolo, the Warner, Glazon and Mabagar where the Bright farm is located, wish to inform the general public not to be deterred by this announcement because they have all legitimate claims to authenticate their ownerships.

They also wish to categorically denounce such announcement because at no time there was a ruling from any court of competent jurisdiction to give authority to Siafa Bright and his collaborators to come out with said announcement on the various news outlets”.

According to the contending parties, they have gathered credible information that Bright, along with his collaborators including Commissioner Melvin Bettie of Johnsonville, Shederick Bettie, and others, have influenced the zoning department at the Ministry of Public Works to mark houses, pretending to be an exercise that would demarcate the accessibilities of roads since indeed the areas in question are emerging cities for tomorrow and layout could give brighter appearance to the emerging cities as asserted by one of the team members during the zoning exercises.

Added the statement: “The inhabitants described this move as devilish because they are living happily in their settlements.

They also call for speedy action to be taken so as to avoid confusion in the country”.

The statement continued that the inhabitants are calling on government to remain neutral since indeed justice belongs to all, irrespective of class, status, religion or other vices.

“The inhabitants therefore, call on central government to remain neutral since indeed justice belongs to all irrespective of calls, status, religion or other vices that may not be mentioned because they are prepared ever than before in pursuing the rightful path as civilized people”, the statement indicated.

Vague announcement

The group also called on its customers not to be deterred by what it described as a vague announcement.

They described the announcement as a clever attempt to dissuade people’s mind who are progressive to abandon their progress.

“The inhabitants therefore, call on their customer to continue with projects that they have decided to embark on as modalities are being worked out to defend their safety”