Former Chief Justice Calls for Withdrawal of Deputy Justice-designate for Administration and Public Safety


Monrovia – Since her confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Juah Cassell’s qualification for the post of Deputy Minister of Justice for Administration, has been contested by numerous legal luminaries.

Report by Bettie K. Johnson-Mbayo, [email protected]

An eminent Liberian, former Chief Justice Francis Johnson Allison has weighed in, too, on the debate, questioning not only her qualification but her appointment to that post at the Ministry of Justice.

Cllr. Allison contends that a Deputy Minister of Justice for Administration has to be a lawyer because he/she represents the Attorney General in his/her absence.

“The Deputy Minister of Justice for Administration has to be a lawyer because he or she acts in the absence of the Minister proper. Therefore, it is a necessity,” Cllr. Allison said.

Before the judges of Liberia’s Supreme Court, no Attorney at Law appears to plead case only Counselor at Law.

This newspaper was told by a lawyer, who wishes to remain anonymous, that the nominee is not yet a Counselor at Law.

Recently, during Juah’s confirmation hearing, some members of the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned her qualification for the post.

Though she had told them that she is a graduate of International Law from Wuhan University, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology accompanied by certificates from the Liberia Institute of Public Administration in Procurement and Human Resource Management.

Juah was appointed by President George Weah to replace Cllr. Wheatonia Dixon-Barnes, who is a member of the Supreme Court Bar.

She obtained a Bachelor of Law, LLB in 1994 from the University of Liberia. Also, in 1994, she qualified as an Attorney-at-law and in 1998, she qualified as Counselor-at-law.

According to the Liberian Codes Revises, VOL. III: PAGE 395 of the Executive Law Section 22.3 says though appointed by the President, he/she is the principal assistant to the Minister of Justice and shall perform such specific duties as may be delegated to him by the Minister of Justice.

In the event of disability, death, resignation or removal of the Minister of Justice, the Deputy Minister of Justice for Administration and Public Safety shall succeed to the duties of Minister of Justice as Acting Minister of Justice until the Minister of Justice shall return or until a successor is appointed.