Ellen Receives US-based Liberia Delegation on Renewing Support for Dual Citizenship


Monrovia – President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 received an eleven member delegation from the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota.

The delegation was headed by Mr. Momodu Kemokai.

According to an Executive Mansion, the delegation commended President Sirleaf for her leadership, which has kept the country safe for over 13 years now and for the efforts made thus far in tackling the country’s development challenges.

They thanked the Liberian leader for steps taken to establish in Consulate in Minnesota and encouraged the government to take further actions aimed at operationalizing the Minnesota Consulate, nothing that it will serve as a relief for the over 35, 000 Liberians residing in that part of the United States of America.

The OLM delegation also called for the special office on Diaspora matters to handle issuing concerning Liberians abroad who are interested in remaining engaged with the country and to provide them the much needed services and assistance.

The OLM delegation also called for measures to be taken for the promotion and advancement of small businesses.

“Actions must be taken to eliminate or minimize huddles that prevent small businesses form progressing. Foreigners are completely in charge of the real estate business and something should be done to change the trend”, the delegation stressed.

They re-echoed calls earlier made by many Diaspora groupings for Liberia to accept dual citizenship, noting that it will help develop the country.

In remarks, President Sirleaf thanked the delegation for the visit and urged Liberians living abroad to be patriotic and nationalistic about issues that concern Liberia as well as commit themselves to serving the nation.

She thanked them for the high level of contributions particularly through remittances and other forms of assistance to families, friends and others at home.

President Sirleaf renewed her support for dual citizenship and informed the delegation that the issue is currently before the National Legislature as a part of the constitutional reform process initiated by the Government of Liberia.

On the issue of real estate development, President Sirleaf informed the delegation that several reform measures including the establishment of the Land Authority and other related policies will address the disadvantages that prevent Liberians from having access to land and others incentives necessary for progress by Liberians in the sector.

She concluded by challenging Diaspora business people to get involved with the umbrella organization for Liberia businesses and be more concerned with doing business than politicking.

Other members of the delegation were Sizi Goyah, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Henry Kesselly, Stanton Peabody, Alonso Ngumbu, Alfred K. Dele, Jallah Kesselly, Zeor Yaskey, Charles Quitee and Teresa Goyah.