Court Suspends Ruling in Bigamy Case


Monrovia – Associate Magistrate Lasana L. Kamara of the Monrovia City Court has suspended hearing in the case of Izetha K. Anderson, who was sued for polygamy and bigamy.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh, [email protected]

After months of contention over claims of alleged bigamy, Associate Magistrate Kamara has ruled for the prosecution to proof in the appropriate court that defendant Anderson’s document is fraudulent.

Thomas V. Cooper, plaintiff, sued the defendant on March 6, 2018 for polygamy and bigamy at the Monrovia City Court.

The Magistrate suspended ruling in the case on ground that the issue of fraud was raised by the legal counsel of the plaintiff.

Fraud is a criminal matter and the Monrovia City Court doesn’t have jurisdiction over criminal it. So the Magistrate withheld ruling and referred the case to the Circuit Court to decide into the matter of fraud.

“Wherefore and in view of the foregoing, it is the ruling of this honorable court that the hearing into this matter is hereby suspended, and the issue of fraud herewith ordered transferred to the appropriate Circuit Court to pass on.”

Ruling adds: “Because to grant the defense motion to dismiss this case with prejudice against the state under the circumstances will not be doing justice to the prosecution and by the same token to deny the said motion will not also be doing justice to the defense since a determination must firstly be made on the issue of fraud before any sound decision can be reached or made in the instance case of Bigamy and Polygamy.”

Izetha K. Anderson had presented in court her divorced document, which indicates, “Due to numerous complaints of quarreling, fighting, counter allegations of infidelity, the family members from both sides met to affect the dissolution of the marriage where all present gave their consent and approval.”

The divorce document further pointed out that each party, Thomas V. Cooper and Izetha K. Anderson, has the right to choose any partner of his/her choice as a wife or husband in any part of the world, which according to the document was notarized on March 26, 2012 in Ghana.

Predicated upon that, Izetha went back to America as a free woman and got marry to Mr. Lartin S. M. Konneh on September 26, 2014.

However, Thomas V. Cooper is claiming that Izetha is still married to him.