Calvary Empowerment HR Professionals of Liberia conduct Job Skills Training


Monrovia – It is common in Liberia to see many recent graduates submitting letters of applications and resumes for jobs at various organizations in hopes of obtaining an employment. However, many of these hopefuls lose potential employment opportunities due to poor interview skills or dismal resumes submitted.

As part of efforts to improve the marketability of either recent graduates or university students who seek employment, the Association of Liberian Human Resources professionals (ALHRP) and the Calvary Empowerment Team (CET), both local non profit organizations, decided to run a 3 day workshop to educate and train students on how to write a proper cover letter, prepare their resume so that it stands out and is catchy, even with their limited working experience as well as how to prepare for and sit for an interview.

Held from March 16-18, the 3-day workshop attracted more than 100 students from various Universities around Monrovia

Mr. Samuel T. Duo, the Founding Director of CET, noted that this training is a component of one of his organization’s core program focused areas which seeks to empower young people with skills necessary to enhance their marketability in the job market.

CET has ben established since 2008 and has been active in developing Liberian youths.

Leading the facilitation for the first day’s training exercise, one of the Vice Presidents for the HR Association, Mrs. Brenda Brewer Moore said that this was the ALHRP’s way of giving back and preparing students for the job market.

She noted that many times they as HR Professionals come across applications from recent graduates or college students which make them cringe at the poorly written submissions in terms of grammar, structure and content.

She hopes that those who participated in the workshop will take note of the information shared and utilize it for future use.

Other members of the ALHRP who facilitated the various days of the workshop were Mr. Jonah Kotee, HR Director at PIH and currently the President of the ALHRP and Ms. Klade Neufville, HR Officer at LACC.

The 3-day workshop was held at the Chevron Monrovia Central Park, a facility owned by the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), but currently managed by Calvary Empowerment Team under a Public Private Partnership Agreement.

Both organizations intend to partner again in the near future to run a similar workshop which will cater to more students this time.