Aspirant Launches LD$1.5 Million Education Empowerment Scholarship


Monrovia – Residents and students of District #9 in Montserrado County were over the weekend seen celebrating the launch of a scholarship drive by one of the district’s residents who is also seeking a seat in the House of Representatives.

Report Edwin G. Genoway – [email protected]

Fubbi Henries who is undertaking development in the district under the umbrella Friends Of Fubbi (FOF) launched his Scholarship Drive to help Liberian students not only in the district.

The scholarship target is to raise L$1,500,000.00 for the next School year 2016-17, over one hundred seventy two (172) students are benefiting from the program, out of that number, ninety five (95) students are doing vocational skills and the academics.

There are twenty-eight (28) academic schools and three (3) vocational Institutions in five districts in Montserrado County benefiting from the program. 

During the launch of the scholarship program, Representative aspirant Fubbi Henries urged school authorities hosting the program to not embarrass students, saying anything pertaining to the students’ school fees, school authorities are encouraged to contact him (Fubbi) and not the students on his scholarship.

Henries said the scholarship launched for Liberian students is his way of giving back to his country.

“I was an A student from 2nd grade class up to the point I graduated from high school at the Monrovia Open Bible Standard School. I came on top of the class 1st place upon graduation, in college, at Stella Maris Polytechnic, I graduated with Cum Laude and 2nd place amongst my fellow graduates,” he noted.

He further explained, “I had some difficulties during those times going to school, I even dropped from school for a semester while attending college due to tuition.

My father at the time never had cash to pay my fees so I stayed home for an entire semester. I tried applying for scholarship that was available then and was not awarded, so I made a personal commitment to myself to help whenever I can afford to help another person that will be in need ”, he explained.

He told the FPA after the program that growing up as a refugee in Ghana; he had lots of difficulties that shaped his life to be the humanitarian he has now turned out to be.

Henries however said he hopes students will take the scholarship seriously and help make their parents proud and contribute later to the rebuilding of Liberia.

Commenting on vocational skills, Henries said he hopes beneficiaries of those skills take it serious and apply the skills learned to create self-employment, saying, he looks forward that students benefiting will later help in building a middle income economy that Liberians have long been promised by what he called failed politicians from the 1970s to present.

During the ceremony Henries also donated dictionaries, globes, and other literatures intended to help improve students’ knowledge about the world and improve their spelling and grammatical skills

Kids selling in the streets of Monrovia

The legislative aspirant said it is saddening that the kids will have to help the parents put food on the table or die from starvation.

He said the Act creating the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation needs to be reviewed to conform to today’s realities.

Henries said government needs to focus on creating job opportunities for it citizens and focus on the inclusion of vocational-Skills-in-Grade-Schools so as to help build the middle class economy Liberians have been promised, saying, this will allow people create self-employment and improve their lives.

Fubbi however expressed disappointment in the change of the school calendar of Liberia, “My first disappointment is the change of our schools’ calendar year- in the name of conforming to international best practices!

Without upgrading our schools’ facilities with the necessary equipment, supplies and better learning environments, additionally, not honoring contractual agreements with Teachers that sacrifice their times in the classroom on the timely basis is basically contributing to the mess,” he expressed.

For his part the Youth Chairman of the Lakpazee Community, Tarnue Marwolo Bongolee said the young people of the community are proud of Fubbi for numerous contributions nationally.

“The Youth Leadership of Lakpazee wishes to extend thanks and appreciation to Hon. Fubbi Henries for granting 27 young people from Lakpazee community who are currently benefitting from FOF Scholarship Scheme and many other young people from the District. The impartation of lives is the best gift to mankind,” he said.

Also speaking, the Community Chairman of the Fish Market Community, Odesious Kollie described Fubbi as a true humanitarian who is in the interest of the Liberian people.

He noted that outside politics, it is difficult to see young person like Fubbi that is dedicated in helping his fellow young people, encouraging him (Fubbi) to continue his good work in the district. “Let us put politics aside, to see young man Fubbi Henries in this struggling Liberia, it is difficult, your effort and contribution will forever be remembered in our lives,” he noted.