Universal Rights Group Wants End of Foreign Aid to Corrupt Poor Countries


Quincy, Massachusetts – Universal Human Rights International (UHRI) launched a worldwide campaign urging taxpayers in industrialized countries to immediately terminate foreign aid to Liberia and all poor countries with rigged systems of governance designed by crooked politicians, not only to keep citizens poor and illiterate but creates incentives of excessive salaries and benefits that fuel savage and barbaric mutilation and murder of hundreds of innocent Liberian citizens every election cycle.

UHRI’s worldwide “99 Days Campaign” will last for 99 days.

The goal is to raise awareness of Liberia’s corrupt and undemocratic government within schools, colleges and universities, places of worship in every donor country worldwide and thereby encourage taxpayers in developed countries to demand terminating foreign aid to poor countries with corrupt and undemocratic systems of governance. Excessive salaries and benefits of top government officials compared to the salaries and benefits of donor countries will be the measure of poor countries deserving foreign aid.

Krua outlined how America nurtures and contributes to endemic corruption in Liberia and worldwide and how American taxpayers pay to sustain corruption in Liberia, directly aiding and abetting criminals who brutally mutilated and murder hundreds of Liberians and sacrificed their blood and organs to the Devil for political powers every election cycle. 

“The foreign aid policies of international donors, including the European Union and the United States of America have crippled poor countries, fueled the world refugee and migrant crisis and sustains political violence and instability.” Krua said.

By standardless financial sponsorship of corrupt governments of poor countries like Liberia that awards excessive salaries and benefits to top officials and rigs its system of governance to exclude its own citizens in decision making and participation in government through exorbitant fees, red tapes and unfair requirements for running for office, the United States of American and the European Union are the lifeline for despotism, endemic corruption and ritualistic killings in poor African countries like Liberia.

Neither the government of the United States of America nor the European Union will voluntarily terminate foreign aid to corrupt countries unless the taxpayers of these countries are aware of the atrocities their tax dollars is paying for and demand an end to the shedding of innocent blood in poor countries.” Krua said to the students.

“The image of America as sponsor and sustainer of corruption in Liberia is also manifested in other areas including the hundreds of thousands of dollars collected by the USA Embassy for visa fees only to deny ordinary Liberians visa but opening the golden gates of America to corrupt officials and their family members. 

Poor Liberians are losing money but Liberia never denies visas to Americans. At the same time America opens its door to millions of its former enemies and others with no ties to America through the visa waiver program but denying Liberians to visit America that was built by the blood and sweat of some of Liberia’s ancestors. Ten Presidents of Liberia were African Americana born and educated in the USA.

America is paying Liberia evil for good and the cozy relationship America has and the funds it provides to sustains corruption in Liberia is unjustifiable. The abandonment of many Liberian women and children evacuated by the US Military to America in 2003 for decades under both Republicans and Democrats. And America serving as haven for corrupt Liberian officials of government to hide with impunity.

Krua’s message resonating with voters as Congress undertakes a major tax overhaul that will, doubtless result in the cutting of services. Krua took his message to the airwaves on radio WTCC FM 90.7 on Friday November 3, 2017 with radio talk show host, Retired Massachusetts Representative Swan who has visited five counties in Liberia during three visits in the past ten years. Swan described the cozy relationship between the United States government and corrupt governments of African countries as “bribery of poor countries” designed to enable America to have its way in these countries.

“The best resource of any country is the minds of its citizens. Like many African countries, Liberian politicians have for 170 years oppressed Liberian citizens while begging for foreign aid indefinitely. With over a century of foreign aid, only 47% of Liberians are literate and 54% of Liberians live in poverty (US$2 a day) and 18% in extreme poverty, according to World Bank data.

The excessive salaries and benefits of lawmakers in this poverty-stricken country is higher than salaries of state lawmakers in all 50 states across America. As a result, there’s always money for politicians’ salaries but inadequate funds for healthcare, education and infrastructure.”

In contrast, Californians, with annual FY-16 budget of US$270 billion are the highest paid American state legislators, earning US$104,118.00.00 yearly. Compare California to Liberia with FY-2017 budget of US$550 million, where the offices of the Liberian Speaker of the House and Senate Pro Tempore are allocated US$1.2 million each yearly.

Top government officials, Legislature and heads of public corporations earn between US$12,000-15,000 a month, while the monthly wage of an average civil servant is around US$125 a month. According to the Observer in Kampala, the global picture speaks volumes: Germany pays it legislators a basic salary of $9,958 per month, Spain ($3,658), Sweden ($8,275), Norway ($11,500), France ($7,158), Brazil ($13,133), USA ($14,500), Britain ($8,783), Rwandan ($1,271) and Kenya $13,740 monthly. 

These unjustifiable and outrageous salaries and benefits of Liberian politicians send a loud and clear message; the government of Liberia does not deserve foreign aid, especially when these incentives are killing babes!

Krua blamed the Liberian National Legislature headed by front runners, Weah’s CDC and Boakai’s UP Camps for creating “conflict of interest” in order to perpetuate and sustain endemic corruption in Liberia.

“Termination of foreign aid will speed up the demise of “conflict of interest” in Liberia. Krua gave three reasons why legislative “conflict of interest” must be abolished at all costs, beginning with termination of foreign aid to Liberia. First, it allows Liberian politicians to convert unlimited amount of public funds into their personal use, thus leaving inadequate funds for basic services such as, healthcare and education.

Second, legislative “conflict of interest” poisons the national well to the extent that everyone who loathes lawmakers also feels compelled they must “eat their own too”, thus nurturing the culture of corruption in society.

Third and finally, because legislative “conflict of interest” converts politicians into overnight millionaires, people literally kill innocent citizens for human sacrifice in hopes of evoking supernatural satanic powers to help them win elections. With such a barbaric system firmly in place, Liberia will remain backward forever without sustainable development and the safety and happiness of citizens will remain in great perils.” Krua said.

Krua explained how the top two front runners got to the top through Liberia’s rigged and corrupt system of governance. In poverty-stricken Liberia, government was designed to enrich and empower politicians. Liberia is a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich with no chance for poor citizens. 

For example, a presidential candidate must pay filing fees of US$1800.00 and deposit US$10,000 with the Election Commission that cannot be used for campaign as well as file a US$100,000 bond. Filing fee for Liberian senatorial candidates is US$700.00 plus a deposit of US$7,500.00 with NEC as well as post a US$10,000 bond. 

Krua compared Liberia’s deadly, rigged and corrupt system with the USA, where Liberian claims its system of governance originated: The Federal Election Commission does not charge a fee to any presidential candidate. However American presidential candidates must put their names on the ballot in each of the 50 states.

In most states, nomination signatures from registered voters is the requirement for getting on the ballot, with the minimum of 800 registered voters and the maximum of up to 5% of voters in the last election.

Where fees are charged instead of signatures, the fees are generally less than US$2000.00. For example, in New Jersey is one of the wealthiest states in the United States of America, with a per capita income of $35,928 (2012) and a personal per capita income of $50,781 (2010) only 800 registered voters are required to sign the nomination papers for a candidate running for president, 200 voters for congressman and 100 for state senators. Even where fees are charged or requirements for nominations are a percentage of votes cast in the last election, the goal is getting citizens to serve in the public interest, not steal money from the government.

Rev. Krua explained how the Liberian government operates by comparing it to governments in the United States. “In New Hampshire, with US$5.7 billion dollars, lawmakers earn annual salary (no benefits) only US$200.00 per two year term No per diem is paid.. In Connecticut, a state with US$20.4 billion dollars, lawmakers earn US$28,000.00 yearly salary and No per diem is paid.

Rhode Island with a budget of, US$8.9 billion dollars, lawmakers earn US$14947.24 annually No per diem is paid. Compare that to Liberia, with a budget of US$550 million dollars and the Speaker’s office budget is US$1.2 million. dollars and lawmakers earn US$156,000.00 plus 500 gallons of gas, car, driver, security…. Corruption has roots which begs to be uprooted by American taxpayers and taxpayers in donor nations.”

In contrast to the luxurious life of politicians in aid dependent Liberia and other African countries, American taxpayers are struggling. According to the Social Security Administration, 38% of American workers earn US$20,000.00 or less annually and 51% of American workers earn US$30,000.00 or less annually. Given this statistic, it makes no sense for struggling American taxpayers to continue supporting brutal warlords and heartless dictators who earn US$20,000.00 to US$30,000.00 monthly salaries plus generous benefits including free cars, government paid chauffeurs and 500 gallons of gas monthly. 

It makes no sense for struggling American workers to sponsor corrupt and rich African politicians. “Terminating foreign aid to corrupt governments makes sense and saves lives. Evidence by ritualistic killings/barbaric human sacrifices and the misery of poor Liberian citizens, Liberia does not deserve foreign aid until a new constitution gives birth to a government of the people, by the people and for the people in Liberia. ” Krua said.

Some may say aid is justified because Liberia is democratic. While Liberia holds elections, the government is a dictatorship where the president usurps the power of the people by appointing mayors of all cities as well as her children to top posts regardless of ethics or nepotism laws. She also appoints government ministers, regional governors, judges, university presidents and heads of public corporations and board members. With such enormous powers in one person, corruption is endemic. That is why politicians literally kill and sacrifice vulnerable citizens to the devil for political powers.

Many in the audience said they have never heard anything like this before and didn’t know that the government of Liberia was corrupt and deadly. Krua displayed Liberian newspapers and played a video clip in which Senator Grupee, on July 31, 2016, alarmed by the widespread gruesome ritualistic murders and mutilation of innocent citizens, Nimba County proposed reintroduction of death penalty as a deterrent. In the video, Senator Grupee said. “ In the first six months of 2016, seventeen (17) citizens including a five-year-old girl were savagely mutilated and murdered in Nimba County.”

Most Liberians have accepted the horrific killings as normal and seasonal occurrences. In the recent elections held in Liberia, over 500,000 registered voters didn’t bother to vote because they have given up. The system is corrupt and broken and voting recycled politicians in a corrupt and broken system will not improve the lives of citizens.  Krua urged Americans to join UHRI in demanding termination of foreign aid and calling for a sovereign national conference to design a new system of governance, draft a new constitution that empowers citizens, not politicians.

UHRI has created a website, for the “99 Days Worldwide Campaign” and Citizens Independence Movement (CIM)  www.mastersday.com,  to encourage human beings everywhere to do all they can to bring the deadly, broken and corrupt system of representative democracy in Liberia to an end by refusing to accept the same old broken and deadly system and demand a sovereign national conference at the end of the “99 days Worldwide Campaign” to create a new system of participatory democracy that empowers the citizens. There is a saying, “99 days for rogues but one day for the master.” 

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