Gas Station Contaminating Drinking Water With Fuel


Monrovia – Consumers of City Life mineral water have expressed concerns over the production and sale of the water in the proximity of a filling station.

Omaru Filling Station in Duala, Bushrod Island does not only serve as a place where petroleum products are sold, it also serves as production and distribution site for a sachet water which many Liberians see as an alternative safe drinking water.

Cecilia, a resident of Bong Mines Bridge Community, used to be a regular consumer of City Life water, but she has now put a halt to drinking the water, citing the unhygienic nature of where and how the water is produced.

“I used to drink this water, but of late, I have tasted gas on the water; I am not sure that this is even the standard of water production,” she said.

Cecilia called on the authorities responsible for regulation and inspection of water producing companies and the government to move on City Life mineral water so the producers can refrain from producing and selling water at the filling station.

She believes punitive measures are necessary for their action. Cecilia thinks the Ministry of Commerce and Industry needs to be more proactive in ensuring the safety of the public.

When contacted, the owner of the filling station only identifies as Omaru refused to talk to the press. “I am not talking to anybody, you can go and write anything, even the water producing company is aware of my business,” he said.

Omaru who sounded arrogant, asked the team of journalists to leave his business site and report anything.

At the same time, the Secretary General of the Association of Liberia Water Producers (ALWP) Luseney Jabateh has condemned the action of the company, noting that it is risky to the health of consumers.

“The proprietor needs to desist, if that is what he is doing, the water producing standard did not call for that. You can’t sell water and gas at the same place. We will visit them and see for ourselves, thanks for the information,” Jabateh said.