APM Terminals Invests US$108 Million in Liberia’s Economy


Monrovia – Following the Ebola outbreak that led to death of thousands of Liberians and the collapse of the nation’s already feeble health system and the economy, Liberia is now recovering, though the scars of Ebola are still visible.

Report by Gerald C. Koinyeneh – [email protected] 

The country is not alone in its recovery process.

The APM Terminals, which signed a 25-year concession agreement in 2011, is one of several private and non-governmental entities that is augmenting the Government’s efforts in its recovery process.

APM Terminals is currently in collaboration with Montserrado County District #13 Representative Saah Joseph, Unity Point Health-Pekin Hospital based in Illinois, USA and First Responder EMS providing free medical services to thousands of Liberians.

Speaking to journalists at one of the Delivery centers in Bushrod Island on Thursday, November 9, the APM Terminals’ Managing Director, George Adjei hailed the partnership and noted that the gesture is part of his company’s corporate social responsibilities in rendering basic services to the community; especially in the health and education sectors.

“We have been working with Hon. Saah Joseph over a number of projects. When he called upon us for support, we could not say no because of the long standing relationship between APM Terminals and the community around us. We shouldn’t be only focused on what goes on inside our terminals.”

“We should also be mindful of what goes on beyond our fence. Today’s operation show how much we care about our community as well,” he uttered.

He disclosed that since the signing of the 25-year concession agreement with the Government of Liberia in 2011, the APM Terminals has invested US$108 million in infrastructure projects relating to the port industry and pledge his company’s continual commitment in partnering with the Government and private entities to render basic services to the people.

“Since 2011, our company has invested some 108 million Dollars in infrastructure projects relating to the port industry. So that is the indication of how far we’ve gone with regards to investing in the economy of Liberia.

“And we will continue to do so for the next 18 years. We will continue to partner with the Government and people of Liberia to make sure that we serve the community well,” the APM Terminals’ boss Pledged.

The Unity Point Health-Peking Hospital, based in Central Illinois, USA, as part of the partnership is on a ten day working humanitarian mission providing free medical services to scores of Liberians.

The 28-man medical team which is headed by Dr. Cindy Justus has targeted 2000 Liberians including children and the elderly to be treated from various diseases.

They are in Liberia upon the invitation of Hon. Saah Joseph, who is being hailed for his contribution towards the fight of Ebola in Liberia and neighboring Sierra Leone.

On Friday, the Unity Point Health Medical Team, along with Hon. Joseph visited the Redemption Hospital in the Borough of New Kru Town and donated assorted medical items to the hospital.

The Chief Medical Director of Redemption Hospital, Dr. Mohammed Sankoh thanked the US based medical team for the donation and assured that the items will be used for the right purpose.

Dr. Sankoh hailed the United States Government’s interventions during the outbreak and noted it has further strengthened the historic ties between Liberia and the United States of America.

He recounted the hospital’s experience during Ebola and thanked Hon. Saah for his continual lobby and support to the health sector of Liberia.

“We are blessed to have you here. We appreciate you, your family and your nation.

The friend (Hon. Saah Joseph) that brought you here is not an ordinary friend, but also a responsible citizen of this country. We saw what he did, we felt it, and we experienced it. He did so much for this hospital and other hospitals across the country. And he continues to do so.”

“So when we appreciate his kindness, we must also appreciate yours too. During the time of Ebola, we suffered a lot.

We lost twelve staff including doctors and nurses, but amidst all of this, we thank our Creator firstly who stood by us to see the severity of this disease and try to partner with other countries that came to our help,” the Redemption Hospital Medical director intoned.