Winners Liberia Betting Company Disrespecting Government Mandate?

People still gather at Winners Sports betting offices and booths despite the ban on such activities

Monrovia – Despite the government of Liberia ban on all betting activities in the country due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Liberia FrontPageAfrica has discovered that Winners Liberia is still carrying out betting at their various centers in Montserrado and Margibi county.

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Following the third confirmed case in Liberia the ministry of Health declared a national health emergency in Montserrado and Magibi county, by doing so, the government instituted several measures largely aimed at limiting crowding in the two counties.

Health Minister Wilhemina Jallah said on Sunday March 22, 2020 “In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and in an effort to keep our nation safe, the Minister of Health has declared a national health emergency,”

Dr. Jallah declared the two counties “infected areas” in keeping with Title 33, Chapter 14 of the Liberian Code of Laws Revised, known as the Public Health Law. She went on to list some rules and regulations, which are to remain in effect for the next 21 days.

She said the Ministry of Justice, as head of the Joint Security, will enforce rules without prejudice.

Winners Betting remains defiant despite the government’s ban on all betting activities in the country in an effort to curb the spread of coronavirus in the country

The ban also covers bars, night clubs, casinos, betting centers, cinemas, video clubs, entertainment centers, private and public beaches, barber shops and beauty salons.

Betting tickets in the possession of FrontPageAfrica shows that Winners Betting Company is still doing their normal business as the tickets were put in on April 3, 2020.

Winners Also posted on their official Facebook Page announcing three winners but later took the post down after a telephone conversation with FrontPage Africa Sports Desk.

Speaking to FrontPage Africa an official of Winners who did not disclose his full name said Winners Incorporated is abiding by the Government of Liberia measures.

“BY the way, like every entity in Liberia we are carrying out the necessary awareness for the Coronavirus because this is affecting the entire world and more beside the Government giving a mandate that all Betting Centers should be shut down, something we allowed and we shut down all our betting operations,” he said.
He said they have carried out several donations in the country as their way of fighting the virus but do not believe in publicity.

“ We have people that are betting online, our online services and Mobile Money services are running i think mobile money service has nothing to do with the corona issue because you can be at your house and placed your bet”
“We don’t have infutes of people coming into our offices, we are following all the measures in line with Government mandates as it relates to social distancing,” he said.

One may wonder why the government has not done anything to Stop Winners from risking the lives of Liberians.
The Government in a movie to stop the spread of the virus broke down market tables in central Monrovia and halted all religious activities, something many think the government timing was wrong.