Prosecution Witness Accuses Williams of Killing Journalist Despite Pleading Not Guilty


Monrovia – The ongoing murder trial of Journalist Tyron Brown Friday, August 7, took a dramatic twist with a staggering revelation by prosecution’s third witness.

Reported by Kennedy L. Yangian, [email protected]

Caesar Kennedy said that it was the principal defendant, Jonathan Williams who murdered the journalist despite his previous plea that he is not guilty.

Witness Kennedy, an employee of a private security firm, told the court that prior to the murder of Brown on April 15, 2018 that he had arrived from work and met seven persons at their residence including defendant Williams but five of them were in a confused mood and he decided to wondered of what was happening.

He said Williams and his two nieces – Alice and Edwina Youti who are also on trial but charged with hindering law enforcement – told him that someone came in the yard but Williams claimed that he did not know and attacked him and they both got into a fight and he thinks that person got hurt.

Kennedy further that he went into his apartment and requested one Ernest Kermo to give him some food to eat and by the time he was offered the food he heard defendant Williams calling him and when he came out, Williams had his car readied, bent the back seat put a plastic on it and told him to walked behind him as he drove out of the fence.

According to him, he noticed that there was a body lying just few meters from the fence.

According to Kennedy, Williams took a glove and handed it over to him and asked him to assist him drop the body off.

When he tried to help they both realized that the body was heavy, therefore Williams instructed his niece Edwina Youti to request the help of a another person named Ernest and when Ernest arrived Williams also handed him another glove and all three of them lifted the body and placed it in the jeep belonging to the defendant.

“As we drove off, Williams took the road that is leading to the Kingdom Care Hospital, upon arrival at the hospital he stooped a few meters from the hospital and dropped the body on the side of the road as I watched him,” explained witness Kennedy, who added that afterward they all got in the car and drove back to their residence where Williams instructed the plastic and gloves used to be burned.

Witness Kennedy further narrated that since the incident on April 15, 2018 he has been very afraid to tell anyone, afraid that Williams could have harmed him.

The testimony of prosecution third witness, he was examined by the prosecution lawyers headed Montserrado County Attorney Cllr. Edwin Martins and cross-examined by the defense lawyer Cllr. Jimmy Bombo.

The jurors also crossed examined the witness before Judge Roosevelt Willie later discharged him from the witness stand.

The case was adjourned and will resume following the outcome of a hearing of a writ of certiorari filed by the lawyers of two of the defendants Alice and Edwina Youti to the Supreme Court Justice-In-Chamber Sie Nyene Youh against the ruling of Judge Willie.

The Judge has called for the joint trial of the three defendants on ground that the crime was jointly committed.

Cllr. Jonathan Massaquoi claimed that his clients, who are charged with hindering law enforcement, need a separate trial because their defense is quite different from defendant Jonathan Williams, who has been charged with murder.