LWF Demands Dignity for Liberian Women, Condemns Isaac Vah Tokpah Denigration of First Lady


Press Release

The Liberia Women Forum (LWF) has always demanded from society respect for Liberia women no matter their race, tribe, county, or country of origin.

The Acting President of the LWF, Madam Kadi Porte, in a strong-worded statement, has called on society to show respect for all women and stop the denigration of women. 

 “If women, who are our mothers, sisters, and wives, will be discussed in a denigrating form and manner by our men,  it is a disgrace. This is the reason the Liberia Women Forum will not bury its head in the sand or sit idly by and watch women being insulted, Madam Porte stated.

The Liberia Women Forum statement comes at a time when the former Chief of Office Staff of ANC,  Isaac Vah Tukpah, is coming under intense criticism from the public for publishing statements allegedly made against the First Lady of the Republic of Liberia in “George Weah, The Dream, The Legend, The Rise to Power: The Journey of an Enigmatic Leader”, a book Mr. Tukpah co-authored with Professor Emmanuel Clarke.

 But the acting president of the LWF, Madam Porte, said the action of Tokpah is not an insult to the First Lady alone, but an affront to all women, something she said, the Forum frowns against. Continuing, she explained, “We are not speaking out because this time, the First Lady is the object of the insult. We are speaking out because it is our responsibility as a women advocacy group to protect all women, and the First Lady is no exception.”

  Mrs. Porte, however, apologized to all Liberian women for the insult and called on the public to join the LWF in its quest to protect underprivileged girls and women at large.

  The Liberia Women Forum (LWF) is a non-governmental organization founded by two Liberian women to come to the aid of Liberian women by fighting for their rights. The group’s primary mission is advocating and providing scholarships for less fortunate and vulnerable girls.