Liberia: Comedienne Keyshia Continues To Use Her Comedy As A Key Therapy For The Soul


Few years ago, if someone had told me that there would be a promising female comedienne to bulldoze the comic sphere like Keyshia, I’d have given that person a slap that would make Will Smith jealous.

By  Sheikh Mohammed

Guess you are already cracking up after reading this but on a more serious note, With the amount of stress this country places on us, having someone break our ribs is a huge relief. As in, sometimes you just need someone to put a smile on your face after a long day of hustle and bustle. And at the moment, Keysha’s fulcrum this function with an ace.

She is a rare gem that stole the hearts of Liberians when she demonstrated that skit-making could take any form you give it. Notable for her unmatched toddler tone and character, Keyshia went viral early this year when she narrated a short-skit on Tiktok about how she got scammed by a pickup driver that took away her money and, along with other passengers. The narration was so comical till it had her accumulating a lot of views across social media. Due to how receptive it was, Keyshia decided to put in more work by dropping skits back-to-back. In the shortest period, her audience grew from 0-70k, making her the first Liberian female comedienne to hit said milestone on Facebook.

Alice is a senior student at the Mabel McComb College of Health Science, majoring in nursing, and is currently the brand influencer for Ambassador Hotel. Not only that, but Keyshia has managed to also secure another deal recently with Rose Beauty glow, an organic skincare and beauty products business, and DKT International Liberia, a family planning organization. Follow Keyshia today on all social media platforms to get latest skit that will crack you up: