Liberia: Not Illegal Entry – Lawmakers Provide Proof of their Entry into Liberia, Say they Self-quarantined

Rep. Kogar and Dopoh were both accused of evading health protocols by illegally entering Liberia via the Buutuo border, but emerging details show that pair did not attempt to by-pass quarantine as reported, rather, they came in through Buutuo via due to the closure of airports in Ghana where they had gone on an official assignment

MONROVIA – FrontPageAfrica has received new evidence that show that Representatives Francis Dopoh of Rivergee County and Samuel Kogar of Nimba County, did not enter Liberia illegally through Butuo as initially reported.

Displaying his stamped passport, Rep. Kogar explained to FrontPageAfrica that he and five other lawmakers travelled to Ghana to carry out a comparative analysis of APM Terminal operations in Ghana and Liberia due to numerous complaints the House was receiving on APM Terminals.

Accordingly, they departed Monrovia via the Roberts International Airport on March 16 aboard a Kenya Airways with a schedule to return on March 23.

He said the Ghanaian government, unfortunately, closed its air and seaports in its bid to control the spread of Covid-19 which as rapidly spreading in the country.

“Hon. Gray and Hon. Massaquoi left Ghana on March 21, 2020 while, Hon. Dennis, Dopoe and I decided to leave Ghana on Sunday, March 22, 2020.

On said date, we boarded the Africa World’s airplane at the hours of 10am. After we took off about 45 minutes, we were informed by the airline’s operator that there was an emergency call from the Ghanaian Government to discontinue the trip and we came back,” he explained.

Rep. Kogar displayed his passport to prove that it was stamped by Immigration officers at the Buutuo entry point before entering Liberia

According to him, based on the closure of the ports, he and Rep. Dopoh decided to travel to Liberia on road via Ivory Coast and made their way to an Ivorian Town called Bin-Huye near Buutuo border

“On Tuesday, March 24, 2020, morning, I contacted the District Commissioner on cell number: 0022509116175, and told him all the processes we went through and that we wanted his intervention to allow us to enter Liberia. In response, he told me that their border was closed but he knows me thus, he was sending the army commander assigned at the border to our hotel and he came and took us at the border.

“The commander instructed the cross man of the ferry to cross us and he did.

After we got to Liberia, we met the Liberia Immigration Service officer known as Sam Nyanzee whom we gave our passports to and registered and stamped it.”

He further explained that he chose to stay in his district and observe health protocol while Rep. Dopoh traveled to Monrovia to do the same.