Liberia: Islamic Group Calls for Unity Ahead of July 26 Celebration


Monrovia – Bengoma Liberia Incorporated, a Muslim and Mandingo-dominated group is calling for unity among Liberians ahead of the country’s 172nd independence celebration.

A stalwart of the group, Kerkula Muka-Kamara, said while he welcomes political differences, it is unhealthy for some group of individuals wanting the celebration to be abandoned.

Mr. Muka-Kamara believes that the Independence Day celebration is not just about the present but requires a sober reflection of how far Liberians have come and how to conquer challenges of the future.

He asserted that too often people politicize critical matters asserting that such petty political actions are not dealt with, it will be difficult for Liberia to make progress.

“We will not always belong to the same political party or religion but to politicize our Independence Day is very unfortunate. Let’s come out and celebrate our differences, the peace and embrace and unite for a glorious future for the betterment of the state,” Muka Kamara urged.

According to him, this is a day every Liberian regardless of tribe, religion, poor or rich must overwhelmingly celebrate if not anything but the peace that he or she enjoys.

Mr. Muka-Kamara was speaking in an interview after his organization honored President George Weah with a gown of appreciation at this year’s Independence Day Islamic Intercessory Prayer at the Black Jinnah Mosque on Friday, July 19. 

According to him, the gown is in appreciation of President Weah’s unflinching support towards the Muslim and Mandingo communities in Liberia.

He identified the 3000 bags of rice and approximately L$3 million as contributions to the communities given to the Islamic Community during the Holy Month of Ramadan as commendable initiative.

The Bengoma-Liberia stalwart also stressed the appointments of several of his kinsmen in government and the recent tickets provided for the Hajj as noteworthy actions by this President.

Mr. Muka-Kamara emphasized that these and many others done by the Liberian leader is a clear manifestation of his religious tolerance and commitment to unite his people for development.

Presenting the gown of appreciation, the Chairperson of the Group, Hawa Keita urged the Liberian leader to see the gown as a motivator for him to do more for Liberians.

“Others may curse you but we will continue to pray for you because we know that you have the heart to develop this country and help your people which the Almighty Allah will bring to pass,” she noted. Madam Keita asserted that regardless of the political differences, it is important to recognize the efforts of the President, who has been very supportive over the years.