Liberia: Forestry Development Agency to Conduct First National Forest Infantry


Report by Willie N. Tokpa, [email protected] 

Monrovia – Forestry Development Authority (FDA) Managing Director P. Mike Doryen has announced the conduct of the first national forest i in Liberia.

The infantry, according to FDA, is intended to get a complete data on Liberia forest reserves, including sizes, wildlife and total values.

“For the first time in the history, yesterday we dedicated two parks and now we are going to conduct the National Forest Infantry to know exactly what we have here as a forest. And to inform us on decision to make in the future,” Mr. Doryen said.

In an effort to beef up the infantry, 68 Hondas along with seven Yamaha motorbikes and seven Toyota Land Cruiser Jeeps, fully equipped with communication systems were presented to the FDA Management.

The cost of the moving objects is valued at US$600,000, donated by the REDD+ Project through a fund provided by the Government of Norway.

The vehicles are to be used for the infantry and protection of parks and forest reserves across Liberia.

According to him, 75 motorbikes and seven vehicles mean a whole lot for the advancement of FDA activities.

He lauded the donors for the donation, saying “Our appreciation also goes to the World Bank, which is the custodian of our money. We are glad that right after the conduct of the forest infantry, these vehicles will be returned and reassigned to our people in the rural areas to enhance their operations,” Doryen stated.

Speaking over the weekend at his office in the Bernard Farm Community, outside Monrovia, the FDA boss recognized other partners like Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) which he said had been instrumental in ensuring that Liberia’s Forest is managed in a sustainable way.

REDD+ National Project Coordinator, Saah A. David, Jr., noted that the donation is meant to buttress support to FDA.

“Since I came to FDA, I have never seen a moment like this, where the institution had received 75 motorbikes for forestry infantry and protection of parks and ofcourse, seven brand-new vehicles in one donation,” David noted.

He informed everyone that 24 of the bikes will be sent to Bomi County, 12 to Lake Piso in Grand Cape Mount County, another 12 will go to the Gola Forest National Park and 12 will also be sent to Lofa County.

Another 12 are expected to be sent to the Nimba Reserves while 12 to the Sapo National Park in Sinoe County.

These moving objects are to be used by rangers and the National Forest Infantry team.

He maintained that ranger and operators of the motorbikes and vehicles would be trained on their usage due to their “sophistication”.

The REDD+ Project Coordinator wants the items donated to be used for their intended purposes.

David then thanked the government of Norway for the gesture which will greatly contribute to Liberia’s forest management and sustainability.