Liberia: Female Club Abandons FA Cup Match


Monrovia – Determined Girls Football Club Thursday, October 4, didn’t show up for their FA Cup semifinal match with Earth Angels at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium due to what the club called “poor information” from the Liberia Football Association (LFA).

The president of Determined Girls, Robertson Warner, told FrontPageAfrica that his team failed to honor their LFA FA Cup semifinal match against Earth Angels because they were informed late about the game.

According to him, before the kickoff of the 2018 LFA national league, they as stakeholders of female football entered an agreement with LFA for their league games to be played on Saturday and Sunday in order to allow the girls to go to school and pay more attention to their academic lessons.  

Warner said he was very surprised after receiving a communication from the football house on Wednesday, October 3, informing him that the FA Cup semifinal match between his side, Determined Girls and Earth Angels has been scheduled for Thursday, October 4, at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS), a date he described as “untimely.”

 “We as stakeholders of female football teams went into agreement with the LFA for our league games to  be played on Saturday and Sunday so that our players can have more times to focus on their studies but we don’t know why they scheduled our FA CUP semifinal game with Earth Angels on a school day like Thursday,” Warner Said.

He called on the President of the LFA, Mr. Mustapha Raji, to reschedule their FA Cup semifinal game against Earth Angels because the first schedule was not timely for them. 

“I am appealing to Mr. Raji, his Vice Presidents for Administration and Operation to please reschedule our game against Earth Angels because the time given for the game on Thursday could not allow us to get in contact with majority of our players while in their respective schools,” the Determined Girls president asserted.

Warner called on his players to be peaceful and focus their attentions on their remaining league games as they await a decision from the football house.

According to the rule of the game, a team that fails to honor a fixture without reason sanctioned by the football house forfeits the points to their opponent.

The LFA is yet to comment on the agreement Warner said was signed by it and female clubs.