Liberia: Catholic Justice of Peace Cautions Coalition of Patriots on June 7 Protest


Monrovia – The Catholic Justice and Peace Commission has urged the Organizers of the upcoming June 7 Save the State Protest in Monrovia to begin to take responsibility if any incident occurred.

Rev.  Fth. McDonald Nah, National Director said though the protestors have assured that the protest will be organized, in the midst of eventuality, they should be held responsible.

“Our advice is that if they are organizing it and bringing people in the street you have to guide them; I hope they have the kind of leadership to guide those they are bringing out to express their concerns.” 

According to him, the pending protest will demonstrate Liberia’s democracy adding that the Catholic church supports the Liberia Council of Churches since it is a member.

He also expressed concern on ‘wanton’ and irresponsible use of the social media in Liberia, numerous mysterious deaths which have giving rise mob violence and the condition of health facilities in Liberia.

Rev. Fr. Nah said while many underdeveloped and deprived countries are using social media to lift their people out of poverty, the opposite is the norm of the day in Liberia. 

“In recent time, the social media has been flooded with invectives, immoral activities and unwarranted attacks against individuals which go counter to the creed of our nation, a country built on Christian principles.”

He continues, “The incessant black-mail and bullying against innocent people in our society are troubling and unacceptable. We have witnessed the publication of nude videos of females and the flooding of the social media especially Facebook with obscene materials and contents. These acts are not only distasteful but abhorrently debasing especially for females in our country.”

However, the JPC national Director said though the JPC defends the rights of people to freedom of speech and expression, it condemns the manner and form in which the rights are being abused.

“We are of the conviction that it is hard time that regulatory authorities, take interest in the publications that corrupts the minds of our children,” said Rev. Fth. Nah.

JPC National Director expressed the increase in mob violence that resulted in a burnt police depot and thousands of dollars’ worth of properties destroyed and injured scores of our people. 

He named the incidents in Harper City, Maryland County over the death of motorcyclist Bill Myers in the month of January 2019 for several days, 12th Street in Monrovia,  allegedly by “Zogoes” avenging the death of one of their kind, Ganta, Nimba County, where two persons were mobbed for their alleged involvement in witchcraft and the most recent one in Weala, Margibi County.

“These acts of violence are unprecedented and very worrisome.  We condemn all forms of violence against motorcyclist across the country, mob violence is as equally as wrong as any form of violence meted against the motorcyclists,

‘Our country is still grappling with the aftermath of the violence which occasioned the years of civil strife.  They led to the unprecedented destruction of lives and poverties; and traumatized lots of people. These waves of violence must stop as hurt the nation, hurts businesses in the country and taints our image as a people. We call on all peace-loving Liberians to denounce this wave of violence,” he said.