Association of Unity Party in the United States and Canada Caution Gov. Officials to Exhibit Financial Discipline


Monrovia – The Association of Unity Party in the United States and Canada, is cautioning officials of the Liberian Government to exhibit financial discipline and control in their various positions of trust. They made the call through their leadership headed by Mr.  Kerper Dwanyen.

Mr. Dwanyen in interview with FPA, said if Liberia’s economy is to progress, the government would need to give confidence to investors, who are willing and ready to invest in the country to boost the economy and change the struggling condition of Liberians.

“This government needs to exercise financial discipline and control; whatever little money you have, spend it wisely; put it into priorities. Government also needs to give investors confidence. Money likes security, money likes safety, money runs away from insecurity. These are the problems we are faced with.

“When people come to invest and you put road blocks, when people bring donors money and cannot be sure you spending it wisely, those sources will dried out. Forget about your personal wealth.”

In repose to question about the planned protest by the Council of Patriots, the UP USA chairman called on Liberians to unite and be peaceful and called on all parties to put Liberia first. However, he added that the responsibility for that to begin is with the government. 

“We are in support of the citizens’ demand for good governance; it is actually a requirement when people have not taken pay for months and there is accountability issue with the government of the day wanting to print new money. There are lot of issues and citizens have the right to express their views about the way they are been governed.

“The people have every right to step out there to state their grievances. Change your course the people’s interests are at stake. People need to feed and educate their kids. The country is going backward too fast and we need to put it together.”

UP Needs Unity 

Speaking to issue of the Unity party, he welcomed the latest decision by the UP standard bearer to initiate a process and reconciliation and call on all partisans of the part to embrace and engage the process with open hearts.

He hailed VP Boakai for his wisdom-driven leadership in leading the way toward reconciliation within the Unity Party.

“There is a need for us to get together to make decision of our future and lead the party. There has been a lot of issues to be addressed and partisans need to make that decision. We need to reach out, have conversations and programs that will show that the party is still alive because if we go into dormancy, it is a problem.”

He welcomed the idea of political marriage between the UP and other opposition political parties but said only if it is done under the right circumstances even though he didn’t state what he meant when he said “right circumstances.” 

“Under the right circumstances, political marriage is always something political parties should consider. It has happened before so under the right circumstances, it is good.”

Meanwhile, members of the UP USA chapter has elected new corps of officers to steer the affairs of the party in the coming years. Kerper Dwanyen, National Chairman, Erasmus Tiampa Williams, 1st National Vice Chairman, Samuel Gbilia, National 2nd Vice Chairman for Administration, George Lobbo, National 3rd Vice Chairman for Operations, and Louis Tamba, National Treasurer. 

Chairman Dwanyen also made several appointments in consultation with the National Executive Committee of the National Association of the Unity Party in the U.S. and Canada.

Those appointed were Bendu Hunter, Chairperson, National Women’s Congress,  Augustine Saywala, Chairman, National Youth Congress, George Wallace, Chief Technology Officer, Musa B. Keita, Regional Coordinator, Canada, and Saywala Kennedy, Assistant National Seretary General and Emmanuel Kamara, Chairman, Strategic Planning Committee.

Others were Garmai Tokpah, Chairperson, Tennessee Chapter, James Rogers, Chairman, Washington DC, Maryland Chapter, Fumba Sheriff, Chairman, Minnesota Chapter, Gbote Tahyor, Chairman, Iowa Chapter,  Theophilus Bracewell, Chairman, Colorado Chapter, Jacob Diama, Chairman Georgia Chapter,  Nimeley Nah Twegbe, Chairman, North Dakota Chapter, Joseph Francis Tarpeh, Chairman, Texas Chapter  Nathaniel Sumo, Chairman, South Dakota Chapter and Stanley Cooper, Kentucky.

The chapter leaders appointed are charged with the responsibility to work assiduously to revamp their chapters across the USA and Canada and hold elections within a six-month time frame.