Oriental Lodge Donates Assorted Materials to Group of 77


Monrovia – Members of the Oriental Lodge No.1, a chapter of the Masons has donated mixed materials including foodstuffs and clothing to the Group of 77.

Report by Augustine T. Tweh – [email protected] 

The donation program took place on Monday February 12 at the Headquarters of the Group of 77 in Newport Street, Monrovia. 

Delivering the gestures, Worshipful Master of Oriental Lodge No.1, Lavela Koboi Johnson Sr. said the gesture is intended to identify with the disabled community as neighbors in order to help improve their living conditions. 

“We are part of the largest society and that what affects you, affects us also. “

“physically challenged does not in any way make you a different citizen then me standing before you,” Johnson said. 

“We are all the same, we have all the thinking faculty and it is good for us to harness all our knowledge and ideas and strength together to move our country forward, so we can make it a better place to live.”

“This is why we are here to identify with you in the most humble way.” 

Johnson noted that the donation is also a way of showing care and love to the disabled, emphasizing that the gifts are a clear indication that members of the fraternity feel the same pain that people who are physically challenged feel. 

“Some of us sitting here and elsewhere do have physically challenge persons in our families and they are no ordinary then we are and if our society will continue to look at everybody in that manner, we can do our respective functions in moving our society forward. One day, one you may be sitting down in the Executive Mason as President,” he said. 

Master Johnson used the occasion to encourage members of the disabled community to realize that the challenge confronting them should not limit their ability to develop their minds. 

“I want all the physically challenge people to know that the challenge is in their minds but physically they are no difference from any of us and we are here and will be with you,” he said. 

Accepting the items, the Executive Director of the Group of 77, Wayfa F. Ciapha expressed gratitude to the brotherhood for remembering and seeking the welfare of the disabled community especially the Group of 77. 

She said the fraternity is the only organization that has identified with the Group of 77 since her preferment to the position. 

“Thanks for making the day great. You are the first organization to identify with my administration and I promise that we are going to have a new home for people with disabilities and not only the Disable Group of 77,” she said.  

On behalf of the Group of 77, the Chairman of the Management Team, James Y. sumo thanked the Oriental Lodge No.1 for their kind gestures, and added that identifying with the disabled community at the time when they are in need is timely and welcoming. 

“To identify with us is not easy but we appreciate you for coming and for the kind gestures,” Sumo averred.