KRTTI B-Certificate Coordinator Wants Unqualified Teachers Replaced


Monrovia – The Coordinator of the B-Certificate program at the Kakata Rural Teacher Training Institute wants untrained and unqualified teachers replaced.

Mr. Nuwoe Kellen said the statistics continue to show that there are more than half of the numbers of teachers teaching junior high school level not having the requisite qualification either being untrained or unqualified.

According to him, this means that the classes need to be empty of the “untrained and unqualified teachers” and have them replace with trained and qualified teachers at their schools of assignment.

The youthful Coordinator recommended that those untrained and unqualified ones that will be replaced from the classrooms should be taken to the teacher training Institutes to be trained and prepare to handle the challenges ahead.

Nuwoe Kellen explained that there is a dying need of training more teachers but said it cannot be done without funding; therefore, resources need to be infused into these processes expressing the need for the government to invest more in the training of teachers.

Referencing his assigned Institute, the KRTTI B-Certificate Coordinator added that teachers at the Institute are bolding and need to eat three times a day, while the generator needs to be fuel as well as taking care of basic essentials on a daily basis.

He narrated that there is the need for a regular inflow of funds noting that if it is not forthcoming, then there comes a serious challenge.

“At least they should work with some friendly partners in the sector who can come and invest in the sector because the Liberian schools can be no better than the quality of their teachers” he pointed out.

Mr. Kellen assured the people of Liberia that they are creating an unprecedented atmosphere of quality at KRTTI specifically with the B-Certificate and said nothing less than excellence take place in the Institute because they have the expertise, train academicians and instructors who are highly experience in offering nothing less than the best.

He said whichever money the government sent to the B-Certificate is in used and will continue to be use to maintain and upgrade the standard they are asked to set over the time something he said the Nation can be assured that they are doing a great deal of job and their work is of extreme quality.

Mr. Nuwoe Kellen made the statement when he spoke with newsmen following the opening of a three day B-Certificate Curriculum Validation workshop in Kakata on Tuesday, January 17, 2017.

Report by Moses Tokpah, FPA Contributor