Liberian Striker Kpah Sherman Identifies with Muslims


Monrovia- In a move to identify with the Muslim community of Liberia during the holy month of Ramadan, Liberian international striker Kpah Sherman has donated 40  bags of rice, 35 gallons of vegetable oil and twenty thousand Liberian dollars  to three mosques in Montserrado county namely the Bilimah, Garley Street and Famiah mosques.

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion and worship. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam. The fast (sawm) begins at dawn and ends at sunset.

The Liberian striker who is playing in the Malaysian super league for Kedah FA donation  was  made on Tuesday, May 11, 2021 by his mother and other  family members with the Bilimah and Fiamah Mosques receiving ten bags of rice, ten thousand Liberian dollars and ten gallons of oil each.

Speaking during the presentation on behalf of Kpah Sherman, his mother Siatta V. Sherman said her son decided to identify with his Muslim brothers and sisters for their dedication to Allah during the holy month even though he is not a Muslim.

 “I am his mother and my family from here so we decided to come and identify with you. Kpah wants you to see this as his way of appreciating you for the long fasting.

“Kpah is a Liberian footballer who is not here but told me he could not allow this day pass without extending his hands to his people with the little God has blessed him with,” said Mrs. Sherman 

Receiving the donation at Blilimah Mosque, Imam Omary Sheriff appreciated the Liberian footballer for seeing reason to identify with them.

Imam Sheriff said it is time Liberians come together and forget about religion because Liberians are one.

“One thing Liberia can only be fixed by Liberians so let’s forget about tribe and religion, we are too happy today for Mr. Sherman to think about us,” Iman Sheriff said.

For his part, Jankubah Dukuly Chairman of the Bilimah Mosque said it is the first time during the holy month for someone to come and identify with them.

He added that the donation came at the right time and they will keep the Liberian footballer in their prayers at all times.

Liberia’s Grand Mufti and Chief Imam Abubakar Sumaworo thanked the Liberian footballer for his kind gesture to Muslims during such an important period of the Islamic religion.

The head of the Gurley Street Mosque said for Sherman to recognize Muslims  from a far distance is welcoming and prayed for God’s protection upon  him.

“What he has done for us we really recognize it and this food will be for the worshippers and the God’s serving people in the mosque and any time they breakfast they will pray for him and Liberian,” Imam Samaworo asserted.

The Grand Mufti of Liberia said their prayer is for Liberia to be developed like any other country and that can only be done with one heart.

Sherman has been in Malaysia since 2017 scoring goals for fun and winning the league golden boot.

After helping MISC-MIFA avoid relegation and extending his contract for the 2018 season he joined PKNS On  7 December 2018.

The attacker helped PKNS FC retain its spot in Malaysian Super League by scoring 14 goals in 19 games. He went on to finish the 2019 season as the Super League Golden Boot winner. On 27 November 2019, Sherman joined Malaysia super league Club Kedah FA.

Sherman is currently the third top goal scorer in the current league with 9 goals from 12 matches.