Liberian Clubs Receives US$4,200 Subvention


Monrovia – Liberia football clubs in the first, second and upper female division have received a total of US$4,200 from the Liberia Football Association as subvention payment from the football association.

The payment to the clubs is part of a number of decisions reached at an emergency executive committee meeting on April 11, 2020 in the wake of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic. 

 According to a release from the football house, honorariums of executive committee members, salaries advance to employees and payment of arrears to former and current technical staffs of the national team for two months were also approved respectively.

In a circular on 13 April, LFA secretary-general Isaac Montgomery praised the stakeholders for their continued support, cooperation and patience.

“In these unprecedented circumstances, let us show our solidarity in the fight against Covid-19 and prevent further spread of the virus.

“Together as a unit, I strongly believe that we can collectively eliminate the coronavirus out of Liberia and the rest of the world.

“Please take all precautionary measures and keep in adherence with the decision taken by the government of Liberia,” concluded Montgomery.

 The disbursement of the funds to the clubs is considered by many stakeholders as a relief to the clubs who are struggling to take care of their players in the fight against the Covid-9.

 Many of the clubs have praised  Mustapah Raji and team for identifying within such a critical time  saying the funds will go a long way in helping their players with food and cash as the  country undergoes its lockdown.

 It can be recalled that the LFA early March released a criteria for clubs subvention.

In a circular to all clubs on 21 March, LFA secretary-general Isaac Montgomery said the criteria are part of the football development strategy agreed upon at an emergency executive committee meeting on 20 March. 

Montgomery said the payment of subvention to clubs is to help improve the competition and performance.  

A club with scanned copies of players, head coach and medical staff’s contracts will receive US$1,000 and US$500 for scanned copies of players and staff’s medical certificates.

A club with an office space will receive US$400 and US$100 for a bank account (whether in Liberian or United States dollars).

A club with an article of incorporation, valid business registration (especially for 2020), flag and logo, list of officials, club’s email address and contact number(s), social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), media officer or consultant and licensed coaches (A, B or C) in keeping with the club licensing regulations will receive US$200 per criterion, totaling US$1,400 for the administrative category.

In the technical category, a club with a training ground (lease agreement or memorandum of understanding) will receive US$537.

This will bring the total support program to US$3,937.

Under equipment solidarity, training materials shall be distributed to active members during the period January to December 2020.

Under travel solidarity, the LFA shall cover the cost for match officials designated to clubs, who have matches in the Caf Champions’ League and Confederation Cup in Liberia.

It will include round trip tickets for eight referees (four per match) and two match commissioners (one per match), accommodation for eight referees and two match commissioners, four jeeps for eight referees and two match commissioners and feeding for eight referees and two match commissioners.

LPRC Oilers and LISCR FC represented Liberia in the 2019/2020 Caf Champions League and Confederation Cup respectively.