Liberia Tennis Legend Winston Wreh Gets Honor for His   Contributions Tennis


Paynesville City-  Liberia’s Tennis  icon Winston Wreh has received an  award for his  recognition in  contributing  towards the Sport by impacting young Liberian Tennis athletes life’s.

By Jaheim T. Tumu- [email protected]

Wreh over the weekend was presented with an award, cash and a tournament styled and name Winston Wreh Tennis Classic in his honor.

The tournament organizer, Madam Idella Cooper described Coach Wreh as an  incredible sportsman who devoted 40 years of  his life to Tennis through playing for Liberia and coaching the next generation of Tennis players

According to her, it was an honour to share the court with  him for 10 years.

“We take this opportunity to honour Coach Wreh who had been involved with Tennis for the past 40  years. His involvement has been  incredible not just for past generation but the future generations,” she said.

Giving Young People the Chance to Compete Madam Cooper, however, indicated that the tournament provided young people to  compete against each other.

She said there are abundant of young and talented kids  in the country but their talents cannot be recognized if they are not  showcasing their talents in tournaments.

Said Madam Cooper, “We gave them the platform to played because over the years they have been practicing against each other on the court but they didn’t enter competition to see what  it is  to truly compete.

“So the tournament was also organized to give them the opportunity to compete against each other.”

Honouree  Wreh made emotional statement Coach Wreh who was very emotional receiving his honour could barely say a word but mustered the courage to say few words to appreciate  Tennis lovers and the organizers of the tournament for recognising him.

His 40 years career saw him representing Liberia both locally and internationally.

Wreh is one of few Liberian to hit the limelight, playing semi-professional in the United States and winning  trophies in the process.

Coach Wreh said  he felt proud to be recognized Madam Cooper.

“One good thing is , sometimes  if you are into something you don’t know who is looking at you.”

“I am glad to receive my flowers why I am alive and this day will highly be remembered.”

Meanwhile, Perry Johnson won the men’s prime, defeating Emmanuel K. Chayee 6-4-6-2  while Bill Freeman secured 9-6 win against Answer Nyennweh.

However, the winners in each categories including participants were presented with a medals and cash prize.