Liberia Strongman Preliminary Qualifiers kicks-off August 20th


Monrovia – The preliminary qualifiers of Liberia’s Strongman Competition will officially commence this weekend, August 20, 2022, in Monrovia.

The competition is expected to bring the best and strongest men of Liberia to determine who is the strongest man in the country.

This year’s edition of the competition is the second edition with Abraham Mensah winning the first edition last year.

The competition that is organized by the  Executive Coordination Team of the Liberia Strongman Competition, a featured event of JMK Productions, Public Relations & Empowerment Limited Labili will take place at the Libtelco Gymnasium in Telecom Community, Police Academy-Redlight Road, Paynesville, Liberia.

According to the organizers over 15 participants are expected to showcase their talents during the competition that will give the winner an opportunity to compete with African and world stars.

“We encourages all gyms’ managements and individuals involved in strength based gymnastics in Liberia to register to participate in the Competition,”

“The grand finale of the Liberia Strongman Competition Season 2 takes place in December, hence will be accompanied by a series of activities to enliven the event” a release from the organizers said.

Liberia Strongman Competition is a new international strength-based athletics sport that seeks to discover the strongest men and women in every country. Apart from Power Lifting/Weight Lifting and Body Building, Strongman is another fashion of Giant oriented Sport that involves more rigorous obstacles and training methods. The Sport was introduced in Liberia in December 2020, and featured in the Runway Liberia International event, a flagship event of JMK Productions, Public Relations & Empowerment LLC.

Some of the obstacles involved in strongman sport are Atlas Stone: lifting and placing stones of increasing weights on a podium, Bench Press: Performing multiple reps of weight on the bench, Vehicle pull: Pull of Vehicles, Deadlift: Lifting real heavyweights from the ground performing multiple reps, Farmers Walk: A walk caring heavy weights on each hand, Tire Flip: Flipping a giant tire of over 500kg multiple times, Squat Lift: Lifting the bar of weight from the hold perform multiple squat reps, York Carry: Carry an iron bar on shoulders which holds heavy weights.

The competition organizers disclosed that a lot more may be added to the categories depending on the local creation of obstacles for the organization of the competition.

 The founder of the Liberia Strongman competition Junda Morris said it’s time for Liberians to get involved with the sports because there are opportunities for winners.

She said strongman competition is all about Strength athletics a sport that tests competitors’ strength in a variety of non-traditional ways and some of the disciplines are similar to those in powerlifting and some powerlifters have also successfully competed in strongman competitions.

Disgusting between bodybuilding and strongman madam Morris said “The main difference between bodybuilders and strongmen is that the former is trying to improve their physical appearance as much as possible, while the latter is only concerned with becoming as strong as possible,”

“We are targeting as many athletes across the country who feel they  have the strength  to be called the Strongest Man in the entire country.

“For the grand finale in Dec we will pick the Top 20 to compete”, Junda Morris told FrontPage Africa.

For his part the secretary general of Liberia Strongman Leroy Luke Morgan said because the competition is a national event they are accepting  all strongman athletes to register and have so far ten candidate currently confirmed for the preliminary but the number could  increase before Friday.

“This is why we are creating the attraction. The Liberia Strongman Federation is under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and sports, but established by JMK Productions,”

 “However, the Ministry of Youth and Sports is watching the attraction to fully commit their support,” lamented on the relationship between the organizers and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“It’s new so the support is slow. We are very optimistic that in time we will get support that will help athletes to be able to compete in the U.S. and other countries, ”Leroy Morgan said.

He added that the winners of the competition will  be invited to Arnold Classic Strongman in the U.S., Africa Strongman in South Africa and more.

Meanwhile the first place winner of the competition will walk away with one thousand United States dollars( 1000.00 USD) second winner five hundred United States Dollars(500.00USD) and third winner two hundred and fifty United States dollars(250.00USD).