Liberia: Sinkor Old-Timers Embark on Fundraising to Construct Own Sports Pitch

Sinkor Old Timers President Emmanuel Simoke

Monrovia – Old Timers teams in Sinkor are seeking funds to build a mini stadium where most of their games would be played. They say the stadium would complement the limited number of sports stadiums in the country.

Sinkor Old Timers over the weekend embarked on an ambitious project where they look to have their stadium built in the soonest possible time.

Speaking at the fundraising program for the construction of a playing pitch for  SOTSA, its president J. Emmanuel Simoke said they have struggled to have a playing pitch and at many times they were forced out of the venues they used as practice ground.

He said as a result,  in 2012/2013 they got ten acres of land in Margibi for US$20,000 but the land has not been developed up to present. According to him, it is time for them to develop the land and make the area their home.

“Everyone in Sinkor Old-Timers didn’t have a car but most people have now because we have grown to be a better organization now, so we think it’s proper we move to our own property and in moving there, it will help the community because we will help to take the kids off the street, they will have a place to play.

“We want to help the government, help ourselves and the community because if we fix that field we can even help the Football Association to play some of their games there, so this is the reason why we have come to ask for your support,” Simone said.

 He added that if they construct a field on the land it will give them their own home for the Liberia Old-Timers National Association league.

According to him, he at times envies other Old Timers teams that have their own home ground.

He said the dream of the association is to  have a team in the LFA league when they shall have completed their project.

Serving as keynote speaker at the fundraising event,  River Gee Senator and former Liberian international striker Jonathan Boye Charles Sogbie appreciated SOTSA for such a decision to have their own playing pitch.

Speaking on the topic, “Uplifting Our Communities through Sports” Senator Sogbie said the Old-Timers team has names associated with communities and called on them to be more developmental in other various areas.

 He said it is time LONA think about having relegation in their league and also have another league for teams that will not perform well or don’t show up for four games.

According to him, it will bring about competition in the league but have 28 teams with no relegation the competition will not be high.

“The idea of having your own field should go beyond Sinkor, I will encourage you all to have the community involved.

“Since everyone will benefit from the field let the community be involved and I can give you my full support for this project,” Senator Sogbie said as he pledged US$1,000 to the project.

For his part, Musa Bility said there is a need for a law to be on the book that every community should have a playing ground that will include a football field and other sporting disciplines.

The former LFA president served as a chief launcher for the fundraising program US$5,000 toward the project.