Liberia: Mark Paye Reveals It Was Boring Being Away from Football After One Year Ban


Monrovia – Bea Mountain striker Mark Paye admitted it was boring for him being away from the game he love for a year following his ban by the Liberia Football Association

It all started back on December 5, 2021, when Mark Paye was banned from all LFA activities for one year after shoving referee Moses Forkpah who showed him his second yellow due to his refusal to use the nearest exit point after he was substituted.

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Before his send off, the attacker was on a brace but got in trouble in the 81st minute of the match between Bea Mountain and LISCR FC.

Paye was charged with violent conduct in violation of Chapters 8 & 21 of the Orange National League Rules and Regulations, the Liberia Football Association said.

According to the football association, Bea Mountain also forfeited the three match points with a minus 2 goal difference after the incident forced the match to be abandoned.

He was also suspended by his club but after serving his punishment the striker returned to action on Sunday, January 29, 2023, against Muscat FC in the LFA first division.

On Paye’s return to active football, it was a reunion between he and referee Moses Forkpah as the FIFA badge referee was put in charge of Muscat and Bea Mountain match.

As a way to show fair play before the start of the Muscat FC vs FC BEA Mountain match on Sunday at the SKD PP, striker Mark Paye and referee Moses Forkpah, whom he assaulted on December 5, 2021, embraced and posed for a picture as a sign of fair play to mark his return after serving his one-year ban.

The attacker had an Impact in his club 2-0 victory over Muscat FC.

Mark Paye was excellent, creating a lot of cuts and runs making his opponents unbalanced.     

After the game, Mark told the media he was happy to be back on the pitch doing what he loves.

“It will take time for me to gain my good performance this is my first game but I promise to do more in my coming games,”

“Serving one year banned was so boring because this is my career, going under suspension for a whole year was a setback to me but you know everything happens in football for a reason but now I have to focus on the feature,” Paye said.

The striker said returning to the pitch and having the same official or referee that got him banned was not surprising to him.

“I was expecting it maybe the FA know what they were doing to bring us back to settle our differences and work together in the spirit of love in the sporting area.”

He explained that after his suspension by the FA his team Bea Mountain also suspended him because that the rules of the game he could not be on his team’s camp while he is suspended by the Football house which could course problems for his team.

According to the striker he wrote about four letters to the LFA to forgive him because he regretted the accident but the LFA held on to their decision and he had to serve his one-year suspension.

“The situation at Tusa field was a setback to me because as a normal footballer going a year suspension is not easy, my action was embarrassing to me and my fans it was something I shouldn’t have done I regret my action.

“The game that day everybody saw what happened it’s normal in football but other people saw it differently,” he said recounting on his ban.