Liberia: Lofa County To Boycott Continuation Of National County Meet


MONROVIA – Lofa County Sports Steering Committee has planned to boycott her participation in the coming days of her continuation within the national county sports meet from Kickball, Basketball, and Volleyball respectively if the rule of law isn’t respected.

The Steering Committee headed by Momo Cyrus is calling on the ministry of Youth & Sports to reconsider her decision against Lofa in the best interest of football policy and expressed dissatisfaction over the way Lofa’s appeal against Bomi was handled after facts findings from the appeal Board and recommendations. Hon. Momo made the  disclosure during a telephone conversation with Amos Kpalia  on January 1, 2022, from the US. According to Chairman Cyrus, the Ministry ruling in recent times is a complete contradiction from the ruling after adjudicating the issues and recommendations made to the Ministry (MYS) by the appeal board headed by President Mustapha I Raji.

Chairman Cyrus acknowledged that there is nowhere in the world of football where it’s investigated and established that a team fielded illegal players during the competition and said the team isn’t punished through points deductions and subsequent relegation from the league or tournament and those teams that were affected under the policy of FIFA, CAF, Football Associations /Federations fair play policy and rules failed to benefit as per the status of football.

He, Cyrus, further noted, that the National County Sports Meet was established as a Peace and Reconciliation Tournament. aimed to unite citizens and put aside all of their religious, political, and tribal differences and reconcile as people but instead, the National  County Sports Meet has been characterized by cheating, manipulation, desperation, and unfair play and it has lost its taste and significance

 of the prime objectives as proscribed by the organizing committee.

Henceforth, Cyrus calls on the Chief Patron of Sports “President George Weah”  for his smooth and timely intervention, he’s also calling on the organizing committee to respect the rule of law or else, Lofa will withdrawal from all other disciplines, Kickball, Basketball, and Volleyball, he added.

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