Liberia: Laffor and Dennis Appeal to Compatriots Ahead of June 7 Protest

Anthony Laffor

Monrovia – Two former captains of the national football team of Liberia, Anthony Laffor and Teah Dennis, have expressed their concerns over the current situation in the country ahead of the much-publicized June 7 protest.

Report by Christopher C. Walker 00231777898224/ 00231886723075 [email protected]

Liberians under the banner, ‘Council of Patriots’, have said they will stage a protest on June 7, named “Save the State.” According to the protester organizers, the protest is aimed at drawing President George Weah’s attention to the hardship citizens are facing.

According to the organizers of the protest, they will ensure it is peaceful but many Liberians feel it may not be peaceful.

Anthony Laffor, who plays for South African premier league club champions, Mamalodi Sundown, has sent a passionate appeal to Liberians to be peaceful in the midst of the economic hardship and growing political tension in the country. 

On June 3, the former Liberian captain posted on his social media pages, “My Passionate Appeal To All Liberians!!”

“Though I’m still recovering from my injury, but with the love I have for my country (Liberia) and people, it will not be fair to my conscience if I remain silent about the current situation unfolding in my country!

“As the government has acknowledged the unpleasant economic reality in Liberia, I wish to appeal to every Liberian to kindly exercise restraint and use dialogue as a medium to channel our grievances instead of protest.

“That’s my passionate appeal to you all!” the 34-year-old winger wrote.

Teah Dennis

Speaking to FrontPageAfrica about his post and what motivated him, the former LISCR FC players said he knows what protest has resulted to in Liberia and feel appealing to Liberians is best way to address such concern.

 “It’s simple brother. I’m a Liberian.

“Liberia is all we have. I was young in Liberia. I saw the war; peace is the answer, now brother.

“I think the President is doing well for Liberia. He should keep on working,” he said.

 Laffor is of the conviction that the LFA needs to put the league’s weekend matches on hold as safety measures for players, technical staff, administrator and fans.

“The League needs to stop now until after the protest. Players’ safety is very important in this time because you don’t Know what will happen a day before the game,” Laffor, who is at the climax of his national team career, said.

His teammate and good friend Teah Dennis, who is now playing for Liberian Champions Barrack Young Controller (BYC), also posted to his Facebook page appealing to all Liberians to keep the 14 years of peace.

“Fellow Liberians, my name is Teah Dennis. I am a football player; we all have sacrificed this much to maintain over 14 unbroken years of peace. Kindly, let us keep it.

“No amount of anger should allow us destroy our country. Allow the peace to live on. Express yourself, but with respect for others.”

“Please give peace a chance, Liberia is the only country we have” the central defender wrote.