Liberia: “Keep On Your Good Ball Possession” – Ansu Football Academy CEO Urges Players


MonroviaThe Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ansu Football Academy is calling on athletes of his team to continue their experience ball possession, finishing touches and good behavior on and out of the field of play if they wish to progress in the game. 

By: A. Macaulay Sombai, [email protected]

Ansumana Wiles voiced that the ball possession and finishing touch their athletes have continued to displace against their opponents in the competitions they have participated in, proving that they have gained more skills from the training they have continued to undergo since the establishment of the academy in 2019.

Wiles spoke over the weekend following his academy qualification to  the knockout stage of the Matuma u15 league organized by the Liberia Football Association (LFA).

He highlighted that his academy currently has   85 athletes and that he established the academy to help develop both the footballing skills and classroom education of the academy kids. 

CEO wiles called on his academy head Coach Ambalee Zoboh and his assistant to keep on their tactical coaching techniques which have contributed immensely to their athletes’ progress.

Says Wiles: “We as officials of Ansu Football Academy have observed immensely that our athletes have proven beyond all reasonable doubt their footballing skills and the good sportsmanship they have continued to display against their opponents on and off the pitch through the coaching experiences of our academy head coach and members of his technical staff and I can assure them of our continuous support for the growth of the academy and its athletes.”