Liberia Football Association in Search Official Anthem


Monrovia – The parent body of football in Liberia, the Liberia Football Association (LFA) has launched national art competition for the purpose finding an official anthem for its league games and events.

The football house on Friday, February 26, 2022 through its marketing consultant, Rodney Wilson, said the FA wants to bring international taste to Liberian football by having its own anthem as is done by the Confederations of African football (CAF) and Union of European Football Associations(UEFA) and the Federation of International Football Associations FIFA(FIFA).

Mr. Wilson, speaking at a news conference said, the anthem would be significant because it will serve as the property of the LFA and as an identity of the FA.

He said, the LFA will begin to accept entries for the competition for six weeks beginning March 1. The entries would be shortlisted to five songs which would then be presented to the public for voting.

The LFA will have copyright over the song.

He said, for a song to be shortlisted it must represent the identity of Liberian football and the Liberian culture.

In remarks the acting president of the Musicians Union of Liberia Tony Kabadeh said initiative is a good step in the right direction.

“We like to say we as a union will give our full cooperation in this process and hope it will be the opener for more collaboration with the FA,” Tony said

He assured the FA that with their experience as musicians the FA will get the best anthem.

LFA president Mustapha Raji said it is time for the LFA and Musicians Union to partner in promoting football and the culture of Liberia.

He said the FA is looking at ways to have musicians at local games to entertain fans during the halftime break and before games which are done in other countries.

“We believe that the LFA are not just for us who play football or in football Administration but all Liberians we believe the musicians are very important to the growth and development of Liberia,”

We as the Football Association think there is a need to bring you on board and see how further we can bring your talents to more who will vote on it and decide and it becomes part of the history of Liberian football so let me say thanks to all of you for accepting to work with the FA,” Raji said.