Liberia, England Hold Talks On Grassroots Football

President of the Liberia Football Association, Mr. Mustapha Raji

Monrovia – The Football Associations of Liberia (LFA) and England (The FA) have held talks over support for grassroots football development.

The FA technical department held a video conference with several Liberian coaches to explain their grassroots football development and then respond to questions on how the programs could be implemented from the Liberian perspectives.

Liberian coaches, who took part in the exchanges were Francis Sarploh, Ben Saydee, Francis Tamba, Cooper Sannah, Famatta Dean, Robert Lartey, Mouctarr Fofana, Daei Arab Fofana, Ansu Keita and Joseph Kaetu Smith.

LFA President Mustapha Raji and technical director Henry Browne also took part in the video conference.

Gustavo Spanholi headed the discussion from The English FA.

Two video conferences with Raji and Browne preceded the last dialogue with the coaches from England and Liberia.

Raji, in his desire for sponsorship and technical assistance, approached the English FA for support to grassroots football and capacity building for coaches, which was graciously accepted.

According to the agreement, the English  FA will send a delegation to Liberia to practicalize the several video conferences at the end of the global COVID-19 pandemic which will see a development in youth football.