Liberia Chess Federation Awards winners of President Weah Chess Tournament


Monrovia — About 10 Athletes of the Liberia Chess Federation (LCF)  on Wednesday, October 13, 2021,  were awarded cash prizes after performing brilliantly against their opponents in the male and female divisions of the just ended chess tournament organized by the LCF in honor of its  President George Weah.

Tamba William Saah Secretary-General of LCF  explained that 10 out of the 40 athletes that participated in the tournament walked away with cash prizes.

Saah speaking to FrontPage Africa Sports desk said even though the tournament was special as part of President Weah 55th birthday celebration, it also helped to improve their athlete’s skills as they  keep on their training for national and international tournaments. 

He described the athlete’s turn-out for the tournament as a  boost for the progress of their skills and hopes to soon launch another big tournament to keep their athlete’s focus as they prepare for more national and international competitions. 

Says Saah: “The tournament was a special tournament in celebration of the 55th birthday of  the Chief Patron of Sports President George Weah so we had it ofawards for the winners and runner-ups in the male and female categories and the first place award was 300 USD won by the national champion of Liberia Thomas Saah, Joyee Dekuta came second and walked away with 200 USD while Miller Moore received 150 USD after finishing third in the  female division.”

Abigail Karyah received 50 USD as a winner and she was followed by Nelon Davis who received 30 USD.

Secretary-General Saah paid tribute to Finance Minister Samuel Tweh for financing the tournament and called on winners from the male and female divisions and other  participants to keep on their talented performances as they will soon organize more tournaments.