Liberia Basketball League: Visioneers Dumps TS Warriors


Monrovia – Visioneers Tuesday, July 16, defeated TS Warriors 45 points to 40 in the third division league of the Liberia Basketball Association (LBA) at the Sports Commission on Broad Street. 

Report by A. Macauley Sombai, [email protected]

Visioneers’ victory came during extra time after both teams ended the last quarter with 40 points each.

The game was very entertaining because both teams had perfect ball control followed by tactical defensive system in each quarter of the game and based on their tactical defensive system, it was very difficult for players of the two teams to make more basket against.

Visioneers’ victory against TS Warriors helped them maintain their lead at the top of Group B of the third division table and increased their points to 20 from 10 games played while the defeat to TS Warriors increased their points to 15 but she remains fifth on the table.

Bushrod Knights walked away with free two points after Fire failed to honor their game while Star went down 59 points to 50 at the hands of Desert Knights in the day’s only second division encounter.

The third division group (a) table is topped by Spartan with 19 points from 10 games played and they are closely followed by Cape Mount Wizards with 18 points from 10 game played.

The first division is being led by LPRC Oilers with 18 points from nine games played closely follow by Mighty Barrolle with 18 points from nine games also while NPA Pythons are seated third 16 points one points adrift Barrolle and two points below Oilers.  

The LBA second division table is currently topped by Desert Knight with 19 points from 10 games played follow by Heats with 17 points from 11 matches and third is Bong Shooters with 17 points also but from 10 games played.

In the female division, Desert Ladies are seated top on the table with 11 points from six games played follow by K-Delta with eight points from five games played and third is MYSTIC who are having eight points also but from four matches played.