Liberia: Atty. Koffi Woods, Alexander Cummings Run to Rescue Ailing Sport Icons


Monrovia – Renowned Human Rights Lawyer, Atty. Samuel Koffi Woods, has promised to work with relevant stakeholders to set up a national fund for the welfare of former sports icons in the country.

The fund, he said, would be used to seek the wellbeing of former players, coaches and  athletes who may be in need.

The Liberian lawyer’s statement comes as a result of a recent story published by FrontPageAfrica on June 30, highlighting an SOS call for two ailing Liberian coaches – Robert Lartey and Jokar Wreachar – which prompted a  visit to the home of Mr. Wreachar.

Coach Wreachar has been sick for several years since his return to the country in 2007.

Atty. Woods was accompanied by  the opposition Collaborating  Political Parties leader,  Alexander Cumminigs and former Lone Star players  Dionysius Sebwe and Jonathan Boye Charles Sagbie.

Speaking  during the visit, Atty. Woods said it is unfortunate for those who sacrificed for Liberia while playing sport for the national team will be asking for help when they are sick.

He called for support to care for the country’s national icons.

“He was one of those who sacrificed at the time when there were not  a lot of resources  in Liberia for football even in the world, these were our   heroes, our stars, people who sacrificed for this country, Woods said.

“We need to institutionalize it beyond Jokar; the last time  it was about Vava George – these are people who help to unify this country even when we had crisis it was the Lone Star.

“When Lone Star get on the field ever Liberian knew that we were cheering one team and we were united our love for country was tested at the time and these were the people who made it happen.

“Any nation that fails  to be compassionate about  its  icons has no conscience and wants this thing to happen then we have to find a way to seek redemption for our country. We can’t  depend on one person to do that and that is  why we want to set up a National fund.”       

According to the former Public Works minister, the fund will be beyond partisanship and football identity but a national fund that will have a lot of professional individuals on board to see who can benefit from such fund.

He added, “Liberians  promote those who corrupt the country but downplay those  who  secirifife for Liberians during their playing days”.

For his part, Mr. Cumming assured his commitment to the national fund to save the lives of sport icons of Liberia.

He clarified that his visit to the ailing former players was non-political.

“We will need the help of the public to contribute, you know talk is sweet; we can talk it, we can wish it but we got to put hands up and make the sacrifices to help our icons,” the former presidential candidate said.

The former Liberian coach appreciated the visit,  saying “It’s my prayer that God will take me out of this stage, your presence here makes me feel good once more.”

At the end of the Visit  both Atty. Woods and the CPP  chair presented a separate purse to the family  for the upkeep of  the national icon and promised to visit him another time.