Liberia: After 85 Years LFA Breaks Ground for New Headquarters


Monrovia – The president of the Liberia Football Association Mustapha Raji  along with representatives of FIFA delegation have broken grounds for the construction of a new LFA headquarters along the SKD Boulevard, Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

The US$1.4 million project is fully sponsored by FIFA.  

The project is being implemented by CESAF-Liberia Limited which signed a US$1.4 million contract with the LFA on 29 January 2020.

Raji and CESAF manager Diego Pol signed the project, which should have lasted for 20 months but was severely obstructed by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The project, of important architectural and economic values, involves the construction of a new multi three-storey building; on the ground floor, a sumptuous entrance and a very spacious conference room with the first and second floors entirely dedicated to offices.

Since the LFA was founded in 1936 it will be the first time to operate  from its own headquarter something many football lovers who attended the program including deputy youth and sports Andy Quamie express is a great achievement for  Raji and team at the LFA. 

LFA President Mustapha Raji, at the ground-breaking ceremony on Tuesday thanked the Federation of International Football Associations for the continuous support to Liberia. He stressed that money for football will be used for football as long he is president of the Liberian FA.

Raji said the opportunity given by FIFA to develop artificial pitches and the FA headquarters is in the right direction to develop football in Africa and around the world.

“We like you take our massage to president Infantino that Liberia needs more, there’s  more that we need to happen in our country we understand that everyone has equal envelope but our situation today is very grave and we need more support,” he said.

“We can guarantee you that the monies we received from FIFA for football will be directed to football development exclusively, evidence by the number of projects our administration  has taken we can assure you we will be transparent not just

Speaking, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister G. Andy Quamie said the government is happy for such development because since the foundation of LFA in 1936 it’s the first time for the country to have its own headquarters.

Minister Quamie said two years into the presidency of Raji a lot has happened and encourage the FA boss and his team to do more.

Mr. Quamie who is a FIFA and CAF match Commissioner said most of the members of FIFA in Africa  have their headquarters established by FIFA so to see the same happening  in Liberia is welcoming.

“We can only pray and hope it will strengthen you and your executive committee to do more for Liberian Football and who knows based on the work you and the Executive committee will do I am sure the stakeholder will remember and give you another time so we can see more and more development into Liberia.,”

Quamie said Liberia is grateful to FIFA for the support given to Liberia and hope Infintino and his team will be kind to Liberia so that over ten playing pitches can be constructed in the years to come.

Speaking at the ceremony FIFA Development Manager, El Hadji Wack Diop stated FIFA is impressed with the work done by the LFA unlike other countries.

He said the accomplishment of the LFA in two years is impressive and LFA can count on FIFA for more support.

Diop said FIFA likes to work with a country that has ambition to improve which is the case of the LFA.