Jerbo ‘Not Worried’ About Critics

Lone Star captain William Jebor

Monrovia – Liberia’s Lone Star captain, William Jebor, has played down all the criticisms he has been receiving from Liberians about his poor form in Sunday’s 1-0 defeat at the hands of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Report by Christopher C.Walker [email protected]

Liberia needed a draw away from home to seal their place at the finals of the 2019 African Cup of Nations in Egypt but due to lack of concentration in defense and a wasteful attack cause the Lone Star’s elimination.

Lone Star has not appeared at Africa’s most prestigious tournament in 17 years since their second appearance in 2002.

Jebor had the opportunity to put Liberia ahead when he was released by Tonia Tisdell and Jebor was provided the option to setup Terrence Tisdell but ‘selfishly,’ he went for goal.

The Lone Star captain again found himself in the same position to release his strike partner Sam Johnson, but wasted time as he was robbed off the ball by a DRC defender.

Due to his selfish play, Terrence and Jebor had heated exchanges during the match as Sam Johnson intervened between both players.

At the end of the match, many Liberians took to social media blaming Jebor for their country’s national team’s failure to secure the needed result. They blamed him of being more of an individual player than a team player and was a complete disappointment throughout the match.

Following several comments on social media, William Jebor took to Facebook to give thanks to God and his faithful fans for standing by him and promised to return with the national team stronger the next time.

 He wrote on his official page “Thanks and may God bless you! I love you still. Next time, we will come back and try again until it happens and until we succeed.
They don’t understand the sacrifices; but if they can speak bad about Jesus and crucified Him, then who am I?”
“Nobody believed in me, when I started my career. Nobody thought I could reach this far. Nobody believed in me when I entered the national team. Nobody believed in me when I started scoring goals for both club and country. Nobody believes in me now as nobody believed in me then. But I always believe in myself and God. That’s why I keep overcoming! We will see faces when we qualify; we came close twice but it’s never the end. We will never stop because a true patriot never dies. I am not moved by what people say; I am not moved by what I see; I am moved only by what I believe.

“I will never stop trying and helping in any way that I can to better the lives of others and my country, and put smiles on people faces. I do know that I cannot give smiles and happiness all the time because I cannot experience it all the time. Such is life!

“It’s funny when people are with you in good times but never in bad: such is life. It is going to teach others how to be strong. So you can insult and do whatever pleases you but I will never stop loving you. I will never stop loving my country. I am here at all times as an example for my kids and family, my true friends and true love ones, and the true fans. Showing them that no matter what life throws at you, you keep moving forward and never stop, never back down, never stop trying and never stop loving. And that they may know that people can be hateful in life but it doesn’t change that fact that we must keep loving. “We are men created in the image of God, and even Jesus slept, was hungry, was tired and He did cry as well. He was humiliated also but that doesn’t change the fact that He resurrected and is now at the right Hand of the Father. Now, it is one of those sleepless nights. But tomorrow is a new day. Stay blessed. I love you. Thanks to the team for today, courage guys, we’re in this to the end until history is made! And the true ones will be with us to the very end and will love us to the very end. I am William Jebor!!!”