Liberia Football Association Rubbishes Claims of Having Political Interest


Monrovia – The Liberia Football Association (LFA) has termed as untrue political statement and flyers circulating on social media which claims that its president, Mustapha Raji, has withdrawn from December senatorial elections in Montserrado County and pledged his support to Senator Darius Dillon.

According to a release issued on Wednesday October 7, 2020 by the FA, the flyer is the work of Raji’s detractors at best and opponents at worst, who have clearly run out of ideas ahead of the LFA electoral process in 2022 and are desperately seeking to engage the LFA into national politics.

Raji was accused on 14 August of wanting to vie as Montserrado Senator when a flyer designed with his picture was aggressively circulated on social media, an information that was established as a blatant lie.

While the latest in less than three months accused the Liberian FA boss of endorsing Montserrado incumbent Senator, Darius Dillion with another well designed flyer where Raji smartly placed at the left with a microphone while Senator Dillon is at the right with a smile.

But in reaction, the Football house said Raji has never registered with the National Elections Commission (NEC) to contest any elections.

“So, when and where did I endorse Dillon that it is not on the local or international news since my endorsement is so important? When and where did I register to contest the elections that only social media is reporting about my false candidacy?

“Senator Dillon would have been running with my endorsement on social media had I endorsed him. Have my opponents run out of ideas that they are desperately involving the football association into national politics,” Raji asked.

Throughout his life, Raji has worked in the private sector for 18 years as a telecommunications expert and a passionate football administrator with a proven record of successes.

“Never in my life have I run to be a community chairman or leader of anything whether in school or at work.

“All my electoral contests have been in football and only football because this is where I have my passion to lead and to serve football,” said Raji.

The LFA believes the flyer is a clever attempt to put the LFA, headed by Raji, against the government headed by President George Weah, who is the chief patron of sports.

“I have checked the records and I stand to be corrected. No sitting LFA president has run to be a senator or representative.

“Moreover, I am not interested in politics. So, I won’t be the president to set that precedent or record,” Raji reflected.

FIFA forbids its member from engaging into national politics in order to maintain its independence and forbids governmental interference in the running of its members.